Gorgeous wedding nail art designs

Wedding dress, check! Shoes, check! But what about your wedding nails? Put the finishing touches to your big day with these gorgeous wedding nail art designs.

Many little girls dreams of having a beautiful wedding and looking stunning from head to toe. All eyes will be on you, and of course to your hands. Between the signing of your marriage certificates, the detailed shots from your photographer, and the requests to see your wedding ring, your hands are one of the highlights of that special day. 

So as a bride you’ll make sure you’ll have a standout overall look and mani!

From typical bridal neutrals to bolder colors and manicure designs, find the best dip nail starter kits with these wedding manicure ideas below are some of our top picks.

Shades of gray

Gray is an overlooked neutral that feels wholly contemporary and a bit moody. This is a gentle color that won’t overpower your overall wedding look!

Something gold

It would be lovely to match your engagement and wedding ring with a sparkly gorgeous gold manicure! Always pick a manicure that suits your skin tone.

Chic taupe

This smoky shade will give you a nice feeling of edginess without coming on too dramatic or strong. Plus, you can mix and match this color with pretty glitters and shades of neutral pinks.

Autumnal orange tones

If you’re planning to have a fall wedding then choose a pretty orange mani! An unusual tone that will add a pop of color to your white wedding gown, and you’re sure to stand out to the crowd. You can even match this wedding manicure to your decor!

Hues of white

If you don’t want to overcomplicate things, pick a beautiful creamy white manicure. It’s a perfect match to a minimalist wedding, suits best to any nail shape or length.

Light nude pink

If you’re a bride who’s not into the common hues of bridal manicures like White or Nude, try a pastel shade like a delicate pink manicure. Make sure to finish it up with an even layer of top coat for a flawless finish!

Tiny hearts

You would surely “heart” the above adorable manicure inspirations! You can purchase a set of nail decals or stickers that you can apply yourself and accomplish that adorable and sweet mani.

Naked manis

Trust us, a naked natural manicure will look simply elegant to a boho-inspired wedding theme! You can either go matte or shiny, with squared, round, ballerina nail shapes.

Stunning French

For a dainty and classy overall wedding look, a French Manicure will always be a great choice. This manicure is perfect if you’re having a multicolored, spring, or summer type of wedding!

Shine and sparkles!

If you have a silver engagement or wedding ring, why not match them with a stunning glittery manicure? Hit that aisle with a sparkling manicure!

Alluring red

Are you the type of bride who wants to add some edginess to your big day?

For a romantic feel, opt for a more saturated red hue, deep burgundy, or just look for a shade that suits the look for your bridal assembly, theme, and season.

Nail art is love

Be limitless on your wedding day. If you’ll be having a beach or garden wedding, add a couple of your favorite nail art designs to your manicures such as gemstones, rhinestones, and nail stickers for an extra textured mani!

Neutral tones ombre

Upgrade your wedding mani a little with an ombre design that includes a selection of soft, neutral colors. This technique is so easy to practice before your wedding. Make an ideal statement on your big day!

You’d expect that after choosing a wedding gown or outfits, heels, makeup, and a hairstyle, picking out a manicure for your special wedding day would be easy, but it’s comprehensible to feel overwhelmed by the number of options. That’s why we’ve brought you the simplest of the best!

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