10 wedding color combinations that will always stay modern

Don’t want your wedding photos to date? Here are some popular wedding colors that will remain evergreen, and how to combine them for a perfect big day.

Your color palette contributes greatly to your big day thanks to the cohesion it brings. So when choosing any of the most popular wedding colors, it’s important to know how to combine them.

Your pictures and videos are the memories you have of your big day, and you don’t want to look back at them and feel disappointed with the colors you chose. 

It’s not just the specific colors you choose for your wedding that makes your look, venues, and wedding magical, but how you combine them.

Whether you’re having a wedding in the spring or fall, an indoor or outdoor, intimate, or a huge party, you need to choose the right colors. So to make your big day colorful, we’ve put together some inspiring wedding color combinations to guide you.

1) Ombre

If you’re not big on wedding colors trends and want something simple, try ombre. This is a progressive color scheme that gradually moves from one shade to another without drama.

Pick your best shade, usually the deepest, and work around it. Begin with your bouquet and cake merging matching shades of ombre.

Your wedding table decor will also look beautiful with a monochrome shade surrounded by supporting ombre color progression. Your wedding stationery will carry cohesive accents, and your signage will give it the perfect finish.

Ombre color gradients for an autumn wedding remains evergreen.

2) Emerald + Ruby + Taupe

Emerald and Ruby are two laid back jewel tones that are perfect for a whimsical wedding theme. Use these colors on your accessory, shoes, and stationery.

Then bring them to life by throwing in a smart shade of taupe for table arrangements and wall decor. Together, they make a timeless color scheme.

3) Muted neutrals

For the earthy and Bohemian bride with the minimalistic vibe, muted shades are the best.

Gradients of brown are such a beauty to behold. Moving from pecan to caramel, cinnamon to tawny, cedar to mocha, and tortilla to wood. There’s so much to work with as you incorporate these earth shades into your decor, shoes, bouquet, and accessories.

4) Blush + Yellow + Pink

All things are bright and beautiful with this combination of blush, yellow, and pink. Depending on the ambiance you want to set, they give off romantic and desert feels.

Sunset yellow with a mix of salmon, daffodils, and mohair will give you a wanderlust vibe. Incorporate them in your table settings, garlands, bridesmaid’s dresses, and bouquet for a bright sunny look.

5) Beige + Blue

Thinking of having a beach, rustic, or nautical wedding? Beige and Blue are some of the unique wedding colors to use. Use the darker shade of blue as the base color to give some warmth and depth. Sprinkle the Beige color all over for that little pop. Together, they give off a classy, yet laid back vibe. 

Work with a range of dark blue bouquet with a single stalk of beige in the middle. In the absence of beige, work with metallic gold. Make your signage in beige and write in blue color. Extend this gradient to your stationery but with a twist. Make your stationery in dark blue and write in gold letters.

6) Blue + Pink

The elegant bride with a summer wedding will love these statement color combinations for weddings.

Both colors are assertive colors, so you have to work with shades. Work with options of pink like rouge, taffy, watermelon, peach, or blush. They form warm tones for your stationery, venue decor, bouquet, and signage. Bring the colors to life by incorporating shades of blue like azure, spruce, cobalt, or cerulean.

7) Cream + Red + Neon

Red is a strong and bold color, so you need to calm it down with Cream. An addition of neon gives it a trendy diversity. So when choosing wedding colors like Red, limit it to spacious settings for color blending.

Incorporate red in your floral arrangement with strategic Cream addition. Give more power to red color in your boutonnieres, bouquet, and lipstick. Soften the shine by wearing your make up in muted tones. Make your signage in neon colors and keep in the background to complement your color combinations.

8) Fuchsia + Orange + Pink

Fuchsia and Orange are two colors with a strong presence. These bridal colors will suit the eccentric bride who defies the norm. They are bold colors but flow along the same gradient, hence, no contrast.

However, they can become too much when used without a soft tone, so pink comes to the rescue. Sprinkle warm accents of Pink on the fuchsia-colored cake, orange-colored blossoms, combination table arrangements, and blended colored stationery.

9) Green + Ivory

For an effortlessly chic wedding, nature lovers can go green. Green is a bright color but you can work with shades like sage, mint, moss, parakeet, pickle, or pear. Get them in succulents, foliage, and beautiful accents.

Throw in ivory to balance the brightness and inspire some warmth. They are perfect for chair decor, tablescapes and table fabric runners, wallflowers, and lively stationery. Green vibes with a touch of ivory are perfect for spring weddings outdoor or on a farm. 

10) Indigo + Gold + Violet

Indigo and violet are romantic, yet quiet colors perfect for indoor weddings. Working them into your decor and stationery brings all the holiday cozy vibe. Insert sprinkles of metallic gold to give the colors some life. Places to use metallic gold include place cards, stationery, bouquet, and signage.

You want to love your wedding colors when you look at your pictures in the years to come. So, ensure that when choosing wedding colors, you combine them correctly.

These are some of the most popular wedding colors, and some combination inspiration. Create a cohesive theme and have an amazing wedding.

Photo by Elena Joland