Four ways you can keep your home cool this summer

Now that the weather is warming up, it can be hard to get comfortable and settle in the heat. Discover four ways you can keep your home cool.

Some days the heat is so much, that it becomes unbearable, and it creates a very unpleasant environment when you’re at home.

If you’re going to make the most of the summer weather and enjoy it, you want to make sure you can experience comfort during your downtime. No one wants to struggle with the warm temperatures on a daily basis, so you should be doing what you can to keep your home nice and cool.

1) Manage circulation

First of all, you might think that it’s best to keep all of your doors and windows open as much as possible to keep your home cool, but that’s not necessarily true. If it’s warmer outside than it is inside, you’re not doing anything for your home.

You might get a cool airflow every now and then, but there are better ways to cool down your home. If you are going to cool your home this way, you should wait until the evening while you’re winding down, else you’re not going to benefit from it.

Keeping your doors and windows closed allows you to better manage the temperature in your home yourself. Making use of Hunter Pure Air or other cooling products can help to keep the air inside cool while keeping the warm temperatures outside. You’ll find that these products are much more useful if you shut out the outside as much as possible.

2) Block out the sun

A lot of the heat in your home is coming from the warm rays of the sun, and while that might sound obvious, allowing natural light through your window makes a huge difference.

If you invest in some thicker curtains, like blackout curtains, you’ll find that your home will be much cooler as a result. You don’t have to shut out all of the light, but if you want to feel more comfortable, it’s definitely worth a try.

3) Install ceiling fans

If you haven’t got them already, you should have some ceiling fans installed in your rooms. These can make a huge difference to the temperature in your living space, but you should make sure that they’re working the right way. If they’re spinning the wrong way, they could be contributing to the heat that you’re experiencing.

4) Turn off your appliances

If you live in a house with a lot of appliances that are always going, you should consider turning them off as often as possible. If you’re constantly running all of these appliances, they could be contributing to the temperature in your home.

It’s not just things like your dishwasher, but also your lighting fixtures. Incandescent bulbs will greatly warm up space over time, and it’s time you switched them out. Not only do they get very hot, but they also waste a lot of energy, which wastes a lot of your money.

Photo by Filios Sazeides