10 quick fixes to improve your home

Looking for easy ways to upgrade your home and make it feel more cosy and welcoming? Here are 10 quick fixes to try.

Your home is your sanctuary, so living in a place you feel at peace is very important. You may not have the time and budget for the renovations of your dreams, but there are quick fixes that you can do to make your home even better. Check out some of our ideas below.

1) Fix up broken items

You can make the room look less shabby and better as a whole with a little fixing up here and there. If you have a rug that’s looking a little worse for wear, seek a professional to undertake area rug repair. If you have a wooden table with wobbly legs, sand down the others so that it stands flat, or replace the leg altogether.

2) Add some greenery 

Plants are a fantastic addition to any room. Not only do they look beautiful, but they also increase oxygen in the room so great for your health. Plus, they are proven stress relievers. 

3) Change your door handles 

Replacing your door handles can be a tiny change that will have a big impact on your home. Black handles are super stylish right now, as is gold. 

4) Repaint your kitchen cabinets

Redoing an entire kitchen can be super expensive. While you’re saving up, you can easily repaint the kitchen cabinets with some eggshell paint. Opt for white for a bright and clean feel or try a bright tone if you feel like being bold. 

5) Upgrade your shades

Add or change up your window dressings with some plush new curtains or sleek new blinds. If you have the cash, splash out on AV integrated tracks and blinds. You can open and close with the touch of a button without even getting out of bed! 

6) Upholster your couch 

Reupholster your couch with new fabric to give it a new lease of life. It will totally change the look of your living room without having the replace your entire seating set. 

7) Level up your lighting

Change up your ceiling pendants for a totally new look. If you like the glamourous look, choose a giant chandelier. If you prefer more of a scandi vibe then pick a round wicker pendant for a natural yet minimalistic look. Add a large floor lamp in a corner to make a statement and cast more light around the room. 

8) Change your bedding 

Rather than redecorate your whole bedroom, simply change up your bedding to transform the color scheme in your room. Coordinate with new throws and pillows for a cozy feel/ You’ll be dying to dive right into bed! 

9) Add paneling 

If you want to change up your space beyond adding a new lick of paint to the walls, make paneling and add to the walls. All you need is strips of wood arranged into a rectangle. You can hot glue them to your walls, just make sure you’ve measured them properly for a professional finish. 

10) Add some artwork 

Whether you’re a Van Gough aficionado or you prefer contemporary canvases, adding some art to your walls will make such a difference to your space. Your room will look more put together and you’ll have something beautiful to look at. 

Photo by Super Snapper