Four traditional marketing methods your small business needs

When it comes to marketing, it can be easy to forget there are other options other than digital. Discover four traditional marketing methods your small business needs.

It goes without saying that digital marketing needs to be a vital part of your marketing strategy today. However, it shouldn’t be the only avenue you explore. The reason is that despite the reach of digital marketing, there are still large swathes of the population who respond better to alternative methods of marketing and a less invasive approach to promotions.

Traditional marketing methods are still used by over 50% of small businesses, and an integrated approach allows for a completely effective marketing campaign that can target your audience in many ways.

With this in mind, what are the most effective methods of traditional marketing to invest in?

1) Banners and posters

You need eye-catching graphics that can stick in people’s minds to help you get your message across. It needs to be detail-oriented yet clear and fuss-free at the same time. Whether you are producing leaflets or window banners or need a poster printer company for effective marketing posters to hang within your business, creating posters and banners can help you highlight different parts of your business, products or services effectively.

Offline banners offer the chance for businesses to promote themselves in a way that feels more personal for both the customer and the company itself.

2) Radio

While streaming services reign in a modern age, radio adverts still have longevity and the ability to reach people in ways streaming services just can’t. Radio advertising can offer you a higher rate of audience impressions for a relatively low cost. It can take customers a little while to come around to your message, and the repetition offered via radio advertising can allow you to get your brand voice across.

3) Event marketing

Event marketing allows you to connect in real-time on a face-to-face business with those in the industry and with a specific interest in your niche. You can get hands-on with demos and connect with industry peers and customers to showcase who you are and what you do. The more events you attend, the more people will recognise you and the greater the buzz you will be able to generate for your business.

4) Cold calling

Cold calling is one of the oldest forms of marketing available for businesses and has been used throughout the years with varying degrees of success. While you might not feel this as relevant in a digital age, the fact is that digitisation offers you a way to make the calls more personal.

These days any business cold calling should be able to use a wealth of data to help personalise the calls past a name and a phone number. Knowing the occupation, region, competitors (if applicable), and so on can offer you a way to connect and at least convert cold calls to warm leads more successfully than in the past.

Don’t overlook traditional marketing methods

While digital marketing needs to be a component of your marketing strategy, neglecting to incorporate traditional methods can be highly detrimental to your campaign and, at the very least, alienate the part of your customer base who prefers a different approach and more old-school form of outreach.