Five ways to make the process of divorce as straightforward and pain-free as possible

No divorce is completely pain-free for the couple involved. However, there are several ways in which a divorce can be made as pain-free and straightforward as possible.

Here are five ways you’ll want to know about, if you’re divorcing your spouse. 

1) Be amicable with your partner

When you stay on as good terms as possible with your partner during the divorce proceedings, the process will run much more smoothly and it won’t be as emotionally challenging.

So, do things in a way that isn’t adversarial.

For instance, you may need to provide allegations of your spouse’s unreasonable behaviour as grounds for divorce, in which case, make the allegations as mild as possible.

Then, send a draft copy of the allegations, via your attorney, to your partner, to give your spouse the chance to suggest minor amendments.

During the initial stage, you could do other things to make sure the process is amicable. For example, you could agree to each pay your own legal costs.

By using such approaches, you can get off to a good start. Your lawyer will be able to suggest other ways in which you can approach the divorce in a conciliatory way.

Divorce has become much more acceptable over the decades, and it’s now becoming more amicable.

2) Obtain and organise your financial information early on

Speaking of finances, you’ll make the whole divorce proceedings go more smoothly if you’re organised with financial issues from the very start.

You have a responsibility to the court and to your partner to share details of financial arrangements. So, get organised by obtaining up-to-date balances of accounts, pension information, pay cheques, investments, the value of your property and so on.

Again, your divorce lawyer will be able to tell you what precise financial information you’ll need to provide.

The earlier you obtain and organise all of your financial info, the smoother things will run.

Also, make sure you’re transparent about your financial situation. Being dishonest about your resources won’t help either party.

3) Get a good lawyer – even if the split is amicable

You don’t only need a lawyer if the split is unamicable. When filing for divorce, you need a good lawyer to help you navigate the complexities of legal issues, give you sound advice, and provide you with support.

In uncontested divorces, your attorney can help you settle on terms of the divorce, such as child custody, alimony, and the division of property.  But, if an issue arises during a custody arrangement, it is ideal to employ a seasoned custody attorney.

So, to ensure the process of your divorce runs as straightforwardly and pain-free as possible, make sure you get a good divorce lawyer on board.

4) Put your children first

If you have children, the divorce process is likely to be much more emotionally challenging.

To make things like custody easier to handle emotionally and psychologically, remember to consider the needs of your children above anything else.

What’s best for your kids should always come first, and hopefully, both you and your partner will understand that.

When you put your children first during a divorce, everything will be easier to cope with. That goes for you, your spouse, and your kids.

5) Take care of yourself

Speaking of the emotional and psychological state of people going through divorces, it’s important that you recognize just how stressful a divorce can be. You can then keep a check on your stress levels and emotions.

Of course, you can make the whole divorce process easier when you embrace the above tips. But you still need to remember to take care of yourself.

Find a loved one to talk things through, be kind to yourself, and use methods like yoga and meditation to help you remain calm and positive throughout the divorce proceedings.  

Photo by Hutomo Abrianto