Five ways to boost your confidence

Love to feel and act with more confidence? Like many things in life, confidence can be learned. Here are five tips to boost yours.

Have you ever wondered what makes a person confident and reassuring? Is it a natural charisma that people are born with? Or is it something that can be learned and nurtured?

The truth is that confidence isn’t a static, unwavering quality. Rather, it’s a certain mindset that is turbulent and takes constant support, practice and dedication if it is to be maintained and mastered. Not everyone who is confident was born that way, but everyone who lacks confidence can learn it to a greater or lesser degree.

Five ways to boost your confidence

With that in mind, here are five ways you can learn to boost your confidence.

1) Get out of your comfort zone

“The comfort zone is a lovely place but nothing grows there.” Almost all of us have heard this at some point in our lives – and it’s true. While it might feel easy and comforting to relax in a space where you don’t feel pressure or stress, it’s likely that you’re not going to grow.

Gaining confidence is hard, and learning to be confident is likely going to involve being in some stressful and arduous situations. By putting yourself in these tough situations you will realise the resourcefulness that lies within yourself, and in doing so begin to gain self-confidence.

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2) Stop striving for perfection

Perfection is an ideal that doesn’t exist, and by letting go of the idea of striving for it you’ll not only find release, but also free yourself of the self-doubt that accompanies chasing after the impossible. Making mistakes is part of the process of growing and becoming confident, and not making mistakes will halt this growth.

3) Make a drastic change (or several)

Sometimes all that’s needed for a confidence boost is change. You might feel as though you’re stuck in a rut, but change can be an extremely liberating factor.

For example, moving cities, quitting your job or even dyeing your hair and making the decision to go blonde if you’ve had a dark colour all your life. These are all drastic changes that are healthy for jostling you from a static position in life.

4) Alter your body language

We are always communicating even when we’re not actively speaking. It’s how you can tell someone is grumpy or dour even when they say that they’re fine, and it’s one of the first things we notice about confident people – smiles, constant eye contact and rigid posture.

Altering your body language will go leagues to conveying self-confidence; if you look at the floor while walking, try looking ahead; look people in the eyes when speaking to them; smile appropriately when engaging.

5) Think and act positively

This one is easier said than done, but changing your mental attitude is one of the fastest ways to seeing actual change. Low confidence is often perpetuated through continuous negative thoughts.

By allowing yourself to think positively and see things through an optimistic lens you eliminate the possibility of creating a self-fulfilling prophecy of your negative thoughts. Instead, positive affirmation will reinforce encouraging actions and thoughts, leading to increased self-confidence.

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