Five steps to creating your own confidence bubble

Ever wish you could surround yourself in a bubble of confidence to help guide you through difficult situations? We share five steps to help you do just that.

Do you ever feel like you could do with a bit of a confidence boost?

Whether it’s attending a networking event, meeting a new client for the first time, talking to your child’s teacher at a parent’s evening (which can be especially nerve-wracking if school wasn’t a walk in the park for you!) or writing your first blog post, there are times when we could all do with a little extra confidence.

Even the most confident among us will still have moments when we doubt ourselves, when we let those negative inner voices get a little out of control… “What if no-one talks to you?” “What makes you think you can write? You’re not creative at all!”

There are ways of taming these inner voices, but what if you had a personal bubble of confidence that you could step inside every time you need a boost? Freelance writer, poet and personal coach Rachael Blair shares her tips for creating your own.

Five steps to creating a confidence-boosting bubble

Here’s how you can create your own confidence-boosting bubble to surround yourself with when you need it, in five simple steps.

1) Work out what needs to go in your bubble

First, you need to think back to a time you felt confident. It could be last week, when you filed a great piece of copy, last month, when made a new connection at a networking event or last year, when  you delivered a great project at work.

It could even be when you finally cracked your kids’ bedtime routine and gained yourself some extra evening time or as far back as when you first learned to ride a bike, or tie your shoelaces (if you can remember that far back)!

2) Bring your bubble to life

Once you have that moment of confidence, take some time to really bring it to life:

  • What does it look like? – is it black and white or colour? What colour or colours really stand out? Is it a small or large picture? Is it in front of you or wrapped all around you? Are you in it, or watching it…?
  • What does it sound like? – is there sound, or is it silent? If there is sound, what is it? Music, voices (yours, or someone else’s), or something else..? If it’s silent, pay attention to the quality of that silence… Is it really silent or is there some white noise, or the sounds of nature, or…?
  • What does it feel like? – if you’ve been watching yourself in the moment, now might be a good time to step into the picture to bring back all of the feelings that go with it.
  • What’s that like for you? – where are these feelings in your body? Do they feel warm or cold? How else would you describe them? Do you feel them in one part of your body or in several places…? Do these feelings have any colour to them..?

2) Blow your bubble

Once you have a clear idea of what your bubble looks, sounds and feels like it’s time to blow your bubble!

  • Take an imaginary wand and gently blow. You can stop and start as many times as you need – this is a magical bubble that will never pop!
  • Blow in the colours you noticed.
  • Blow in the sounds. The voices, music, white noise, or silence…
  • Blow in the feelings.

3) Step inside and boost your bubble

Once inside your bubble, focus on the feelings. Feel the temperature of your body change. Notice the location of these feelings of confidence and let them spread to other parts of your body.

From your heart to your head or your head to your heart… All the way up and down your body. Adjust the colour of your bubble so that it feels just right and then breathe it all in.

4) Take your bubble with you

Once you step outside of your bubble, notice all the feelings that you can now take with you. Notice how your posture has changed and how you now feel about the event that was bothering you before. Does it feel different now?

5) Bring your bubble back whenever you need it

Don’t worry if your confidence starts to fade again after some time has passed. Once you’ve created your confidence-boosting bubble, you can always step right back into it for an extra boost whenever you need it!

Forever blowing bubbles

What other instances could you create a bubble for? Could you do with a bubble to help you relax? One to help you focus? To harness your creativity?

Any time you’re struggling with something, you could try blowing a new bubble following the five simple steps above, substituting your memory of confidence with one for whatever it is you’d like to work on. If you don’t have a memory of your own, you can always step into the shoes of someone else or even just imagine what it might be like if you did.

So what will you put in your bubble today?

Rachael Blair is a freelance writer, poet and personal coach, and connecting with people is at the core of everything she does. You can connect with her on twitter or find out how she can help you on her website.

Image credit: Love from Ginger