Five tips to create an inspiring home office

Work from home? Here are five tips for creating a home office that will keep you inspired.

Popular among remote workers, freelancers and solopreneurs, working from home is more common than ever among today’s workforce.

But, while having the flexibility to get on with business from the comfort of your own home can take a lot of stress out of the working day, it’s important that you have a dedicated space where you feel motivated and free of distraction.

To help you get the most out of your home office, here are five simple tips for creating a workspace that’ll keep you in the zone.

1)   Incorporate mood-boosting colours

The colour you paint your home office is more than simply an aesthetic choice. Occupational health specialist, Gail Kinman explains that “colour can impact on people’s arousal in terms of their level of activity and feelings of calm.”

Green for example, is known to relax and foster concentration, as it represents nature and tranquillity. Yellow hues catch the eye and inspire creativity. And blue tones stimulate the mind.

2)   Get creative with storage solutions

Excessive clutter is the ultimate distraction and stress inducer, so fitting your home office with adequate storage is essential. Fortunately, in a digital age, traditional filing cabinets are no longer a necessity, leaving room to be creative when choosing your office furniture.

Interior designer Cathy Phillips says that “practicality is important – enough storage space for instance – but you should also consider the look, so that the office space reflects your personality.”

Custom shelving units and coloured storage boxes will not only offer a tidy home for your documents and office supplies, but simultaneously add a touch of style to your workspace.

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3)   Light it up

Much like how colour impacts your mood and focus, lighting can also have psychological effects. Ideally your home office will have access to as much natural light as possible, to create a bright workspace that will keep you feeling energised and minimise eye strain.

Of course, not everyone has the space in their home to position their desk near a window, and with the colder months comes reduced daylight hours, so artificial lighting will also be an important factor to consider.

Pendant lighting is a good way of illuminating a room without taking up floor space. For more focused lighting, choose an angled desk lamp with a dimmer switch.

4)   Invest in comfort

Nothing can destroy productivity more than niggling back pain, so if you spend a great deal of time sitting at a desk, it’s important to choose an office chair that is comfortable and ergonomic.

Cathy advises that “comfort and practically should go hand in hand when choosing office furniture. A decent office chair is essential – do try before you buy, as not all chairs suit everyone.”

Things to look for when choosing your office chair are good lumbar support that follows the shape of the spine, adjustability that allows for you to sit with your feet flat on the floor and your back straight, and contoured cushioning to allow even weight distribution.

5)   Add a personal touch

One of the main benefits of having a home office is that it can look however you want it to. Inject some personality into your workspace by accessorising with photos of your family and friends, luscious house plants and other personal knick-knacks. Just remember to keep the clutter at bay!

Entrepreneur Helen Lewis has been working from home for 14 years and says the thing she likes most about it is that “it’s the chance to be who I want to be, when I want to be, where I want to be, with who I want to be.”

Whatever the nature of your work, it’s important to have a workspace that you feel relaxed and stimulated in, and which reflects your personality down to a tee. With that in mind, hopefully these five tips have provided you with the inspiration you need to create a beautiful home office that is well and truly you.

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