10 office organisation ideas for busy mums

Feel like giving up on your messy office? No time (or heart) to keep on top of it constantly? Here are 10 office organisation ideas for busy mums.

It’s a busy life being a mum. Getting the kids fed, clothed and out the door (along with yourself) in the morning, and doing the same again at night in reverse means the house can get messy pretty quickly.

There’s the odd sock scattered across the landing; toothbrush stains on the sink; and pile of post on the kitchen worktop. It’s not the most tranquil of environments, but that’s okay – houses are meant to be lived in, after all!.

One thing that shouldn’t be messy, however is your workspace. When you walk into work in the morning – be that in the office, or study at home – you should be greeted by clean, clutter-free surfaces, spaciousness and tranquillity.

Your workspace, wherever that may be, should be your own, sacred space, shut-off from your hectic home-life – a haven, of sorts.

10 office organisation ideas for busy mums

It may sound impossible, but it’s easier than you may think. Steph from Expert Home Tips shares 10 of her best tips for organising your workspace to transform it into a place that brings relief to your stress, not adds to it.

1) Pegboard

If you don’t shop at IKEA, are you even a Mum? IKEA is not only handy for budget furniture the little ones will soon grow out of, but has some pretty nifty products for your workspace too.

One of my favourites are their pegboards. Just like all IKEA products, the pegboards are easy to put up and are extremely versatile. There are loads of different additions you can add to perfectly suit your needs, including shelves (ideal for plants and mugs), containers (perfect for pens and paperclips), hooks (to hang things like scissors), baskets (for filing) and much more.

If you’re lucky enough to have a wall either behind or to the side of your desk, I’d really recommend getting yourself one of these. You’ll be able to fill your pegboard with all your clutter, leaving your desk completely clear and ready to tackle the task in hand.

2) Binder clip organiser

Wires galore? A few binder clips will soon sort that out. USB wires, your phone chargers, and laptop cables, can all be organised and cleverly labelled for ease using clips.

Count how many loose wires you have, then clip the same number of binder clips onto the edge of your desk. Label each one neatly using a printed piece of card and some tape, then thread your cables through the metal hoop of its coordinating binder clip. They’ll stay put and be easily-identifiable when you need them too.

3) Cereal box drawer organiser

There are a select few things Mums get through at lightening speed: toilet roll, baby wipes, and cereal. It’s the latter you can use for office organisation.

A filing cabinet is ideal for filing, but often, little else. An easy and cheap way to customise your filing cabinet is with empty cereal boxes.

Cut each box into strips, and you’ll be able to segment each drawer of your filing cabinet. This is ideal for organising stationary, notepads, snacks (come on, we all have them!) and anything else you may keep in there.

4) Hanging desk storage

The key to a tranquil workspace is having as little as possible in the way of clutter – a cluttered desk means a cluttered mind!

If a pegboard isn’t possible, or you don’t want to drill holes, you can find more space elsewhere – off the edge of your desk. Hanging desk storage can be extremely handy, as it leaves you with a large, clean area to work with, whilst keeping all your bits and bobs close by for when you need them.

You can choose to use hanging shelves that slide over the top of your desk (ideal for paperwork and notepads) or, do a bit of DIY work and build your own hanging storage using cans and a loaf tray à la Brit & Co.

5) Magnetic knife rack

Back to IKEA again – sorry, I just couldn’t stay away! Another of my favourite staple products from IKEA are the magnetic knife racks. These are so practical if you’re short on space, and just like the pegboards, and extremely versatile.

You can pick up some metal clips too for attaching important notes, lists and family photos, or just use some pretty magnets – my preferred choice. I also like to add small metal jars for things like paperclips and pins. You can even attach pens with a metal clip onto your magnetic rack.

If you don’t have room on the wall, consider attaching your magnetic knife rack onto the desk itself instead.

6) Cable management basket

Tangled, twisted wires don’t exactly scream ‘zen’. It’s time to put your cables out of sight, and out of mind, with a hidden cable management basket. It will hide a multitude of sins, including the bulkiest of cables and even extension cords.

Cable management baskets fit neatly and discreetly under your desk, so you’ll never have to deal with unruly wires ever again. Bonus: it makes vacuuming much easier too!

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Photo by Kara Michelle