Five tips for an engaging Facebook business page

Facebook might be one of the oldest social media platforms, but it’s still relevant today. Discover five tips to help you grow an engaging Facebook business page.

Today, as Meta continues to grow, the number of Facebook users is soaring near the 3 billion milestone and over 200 million businesses choose to advertise on this platform as part of their brand strategy. 

But in such a highly competitive landscape, how can you help your Facebook business page emerge from the background noise and drive brand engagement? Here are some simple tips you can turn into action today. 

1) Use high-quality media

Including photos and high-quality images in your posts are a straightforward way to drive engagement. In today’s flood of content, images can capture a user’s attention more than plain text would. So, no matter your message, images can help you get it across. 

Have a limited budget to play with? Here are some tips to produce eye-catching media on a shoestring:

  • Keep it simple – clear and recognizable images of your products and lifestyle shots work best 
  • Invest in a high-quality smartphone – today’s smartphone cameras can produce premium media at a fraction of the cost of investing in professional photo equipment.
  • Know your editing tools – tools like Canva and BeFunky’s Collage Maker can help you add a unique touch to your media
  • Create relatable and honest content – content such as behind-the-scenes shots, custom memes, and supporting causes close to your heart can help you relate to and connect with your audience.

And, don’t forget that videos offer a much higher engagement rate (6.09%) out of all Facebook past posts (3.39% on average). 

2) Be consistent across your social media pages

Optimizing a brand’s Facebook business page should be an essential part of any well-crafted and consistent social media content strategy. But how can you make your Facebook page immediately recognizable to your audience? The secret is in creating a cohesive strategy that connects the different user touchpoints. 

For example, starting with your profile picture, you should consider opting for a clear, immediately-recognizable thumbnail image (i.e.: your brand logo). 

3) Always include a call to action

Call-to-actions are essential throughout your digital marketing strategy. Without them, your users might not know what step to take next, and you might end up missing out on closing a sale. 

Luckily, since 2014, Facebook has been making it easier for users to seamlessly introduce a clean CTA within their pages! Today, you can customize your CTA button with tailored messages such as “Sign Up”, “Book a Reservation”, or “Visit Website”. 

When linked to a specific URL (like your website’s link), something simple such as the CTA button can be your most powerful tool to drive conversion.

4) Guide your users’ experience

When designing your user experience, you should try to put yourself in your audience’s shoes. Does your page look informative and welcoming? Is the content cohesive and well-managed? What can your users expect from your page?

Answering these questions is a great way to design a successful user journey from the moment they land on your page to becoming loyal returning customers. Some tips to get started include:

  • Pin important posts with essential information at the top of the page
  • Choose an engaging profile picture and cover photo
  • Keep your “About” section informative and updated
  • Share milestones, achievements, and reviews

5) Engage with your audience

If you are looking to drive engagement and conversion, you’ll need to start building a relationship with leads, prospective customers, and returning shoppers – start by looking at the comment box underneath your posts!

Thanks to functionalities like comments, likes, reactions, and resharing, Facebook offers business owners the unmissable opportunity to connect and interact with their audience. Some ways to do so efficiently include replying to comments and feedback, reaching out to customers via direct messages, and providing quick answers to questions. 

Don’t forget that, according to statistics by Meta, users are 53% more likely to proceed with a purchase if they can contact a business via live chat or other real-time communication channels, like Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp messages. Be sure to offer these options to visiting users!

Bonus tip: Assess and review your strategy!

One of the most powerful tools Meta makes available to businesses is the “Page Insights” interface. Here you’ll find everything you need to know about the efficiency of your social media marketing campaign, ads results, and engagement levels. Make sure to keep an eye on what works and review your strategy accordingly!

Photo by Timothy Hales Bennett