Seven important benefits of adopting a consistent social media content strategy

Is your social media activity carefully planned? Or is it more ad hoc? Discover seven reasons why you might want to start adopting a more consistent social media content strategy.

Social media has become a global hub for creating sales leads, increasing conversions and multiplying your audience For the modern marketer, social media has become the key ingredient to a successful product selling strategy.

If you’re new to the e-commerce game or simply want to improve your audience retention, look no further. We are about to tell you why working on your content strategy could be the most important step towards success, and why consistency is key.

Why has developing a powerful content strategy become more important post-pandemic? 

Developing a consistent content strategy post-pandemic has never been more important. According to the experts, e-commerce sales have not only soared throughout 2020 but are expected to grow a further 40% in the next few years.

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As online sales continue to multiply, and the amount of small businesses setting up online doubles, mass platform representation has become the driving force for new conversion campaigns, aiming to boost brand awareness for a growing online audience.

In fact, 54% of social media users use popular platforms such as Instagram and Facebook to research their purchases post-pandemic, making it all the more important to not only have a multi-platform persona but a professional and consistent strategy.

The seven benefits of adopting a consistent content strategy 

Posting regular, trend-focused content that both advertises and educates will not only set you apart from competitors in your field but improve audience retention, increase conversions and enhance your demographic growth.

Want to find out how to improve your social media content strategy? Read on to find out why consistency is the key to success.

1) It encourages audience engagement and retention 

Consistent content will not only keep your feeds looking active and on board with the latest demographic trends, but it has also been proven that creating a consistent content strategy increases engagement rate and demographic following.

In fact, experts claim that posting 7+ posts a week can increase your follower count by 56%, increasing brand awareness and of course potential sales leads. Better still, your posts are much more likely to be engaged with if you’re an active voice on popular social platforms.

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As you can see here, brands that frequently post have 19% more engagement than pages that are rarely active. 

Tip: To further increase engagement and audience retention, why not post sharable content that encourages your audience to interact with your brand. Gaining your current audience’s trust is always more important than growing your following, as increased engagement and interaction can be converted into potential sales leads.

2) It increases conversions 

Posting consistent content across your social platforms could also be the key to increasing your conversions. If you’re an e-commerce based business that is looking to boost their sales, creating CTA content on a regular basis will encourage your audience to head over to your website.

The key here is to track your demographic traffic and start creating interactive content that gives your lead the information needed to make an informed purchase. Use your content strategy to explain why you’re better than your competitors and don’t forget to include tags, links and swipe ups to improve user experience and encourage conversions.

Tip: For picture-based content such as Instagram posts and Facebook Ads, we recommend that you only publish original images and organic captions. Stay away from stock photos, sales heavy captions and Gif/Meme content. 

Marketers suggest that original and informational content campaigns are much more effective in helping to boost conversions and generate sales leads.

3) It can help boost your marketing ROI

While creating a consistent content strategy could take up company time, resources and budget, 74% of business leaders have found that they had a successful ROI when incorporating social media marketing into their strategy. 

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In fact, smart marketers are investing in more social media executives than ever before, with 64% of businesses claiming that social media marketing is their key strategy for business success. 

As a post-pandemic e-commerce market grows, it’s time to invest in your content strategy. Building up your social platforms will increase your consumer engagement, following and sales leads, in turn boosting your website CTR, conversions and ultimately your ROI.

Tip: If you have a larger budget why not invest in a paid social campaign alongside your consistent content strategy to further boost your brand awareness and ramp up those follower counts.

4) It makes it easier to jump on the trends

With a consistent content strategy, jumping on the trends has never been easier. 

Social media success is all about staying on top of viral content, trending styles and popular hashtags. With a more active presence online, you are twice as likely to monetise off of these trends by introducing viral aspects into your own original content creation.

Why not do some research into the hashtags that have the most engagement and find a way to incorporate them into your posting schedule. For Gen Z based apps such as TikTok, it might also be time to start researching the viral sounds, challenges and skits that competitor brands are using to promote their products.

Whether you want to follow the footsteps of the TikTok postie and shoot a day in the life of your brand, or simply use viral sounds to make humorous skits that loosely link to your brand, the more creative your content is the better. 

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Remaining active across the platforms whose content is constantly changing such as TikTok and Instagram will help your brand stay relevant on Explore and For You pages, boosting interaction and brand awareness, especially if you have a younger demographic.

5) It helps develop your brand’s voice

Creating a consistent content strategy will provide you with more than a successful ROI, it can also completely revamp your brand’s voice and help you adapt to the ever-changing world of e-commerce. 

Remaining active on social media gives your brand the chance to react to newsworthy events, convey standpoints on important trending topics and display brand values that could encourage consumers to purchase your products.

Tip: If you manufacture your products sustainably for example, why not incorporate these eco-friendly values into your content production plan? Educational posts on the importance of topics such as sustainability will break up the feed and encourage eco-friendly buyers to give you their business.

6) It increases industry authority 

After over 2 billion people purchased products online in 2020, the fight to be at the top of an organic search is becoming harder and harder.

In order to stay on top of your competitors, frequency is the key to success. Whether you’re regularly updating a blog or social media feed, providing fresh, SEO friendly content will help boost your domain authority and increase your brand influence.

Did you know Google indexes websites that produce regular content? Therefore, you are much more likely to appear at the top of the search engine if you continue to remain active online.

7) It makes it easier to track and improve content strategy

While a frequent content schedule may bring benefits such as increased conversion rates, high engagement and an improvement in ROI, it can also highlight what a brand could be doing wrong.

This is why creating a consistent strategy is vital, when aiming to set and identify KPIs. Posting frequently provides a business with a fuss-free metrics report that will quickly tell you what is performing and what isn’t. Tracking the success of all types of post formats is a great way to filter ideas for future content and remain on top of the online world!

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