Five things you should never skimp on – even for a budget wedding

We know that times can be hard and you may want to skimp a little bit for your budget wedding. Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to plan a budget wedding.

You can save a surprising amount of money if you look for different ways to cut down on the costs of a wedding. From limiting your party size to choosing non-traditional rings and wedding festivities, there are lots of different strategies that you can try.

However, there are some areas that you really shouldn’t skimp on, even if you’re planning a budget wedding! There are some areas that you should really spend more money on.

At the very least, these are areas that you should find budget-friendly options, but you should never go for the cheapest. In many cases, you should try to invest as much as possible in these services to get a memorable wedding.

1) Your wedding photographer

You’ve only got a single chance to record your wedding, so make it count with a professional photographer! High-quality wedding photography stands out. The camera angles, lighting and also the cooperation from your photographer are going to be much better when you hire someone with a lot of experience.

Don’t hesitate to look for a wedding photographer that you feel more comfortable with as it’ll make it much easier to communicate with them about key people that you want to take pictures of.

2) Your venue

One of the biggest expenses for a wedding is absolutely going to be the venue. Never skimp on this! If you have to, delay your wedding a couple of months to ensure you get a spot at your first venue choice.

The venue will set the entire mood for the wedding, so it’s not something you should be skimping on. Make sure it fits your needs and the style of wedding that you’re aiming for.

3) Your food and drink offerings

Food and drink are places you should never skimp. You could probably justify lowering the quality a little bit, but you should never try to justify having less food. Always make sure that everyone’s stomach is filled to the brim with food and drink.

4) Your DJ

Your DJ plays a surprisingly important role in your wedding. They can set the tone for your reception, they’ll have all the music that you want to dance to, and they’ll get your guests hyped up to dance and party throughout the night. Don’t skimp on your wedding DJ if you want a memorable night for all of your guests!

5) Your dress

Your wedding dress is going to be captured in all of the videos and photographs of you on your big day. Never skimp on it! If you have to, it’s no problem going for a cheaper option.

You don’t need to buy the most expensive dress, but you should never go for the cheapest option available. Don’t just assume that because it looks like a wedding dress, it’s going to look fine. You need to pick one that is unique and special to you, so take some time to get inspired.

Photo by Anna Vi