How to personalise your wedding gifts for the bride and groom

Wedding season is coming up fast, and with the amount of events that have had to be postponed over the past two years, chances are your social calendar is looking fuller than it has in a while.

If you’re scrambling to find thoughtful wedding gifts for all your friends and loved ones in the lead up to their nuptials, you may have been dabbling with the idea of getting personalized groom gifts. We’re here to tell you that this is indeed a great idea!

Personalised wedding gifts are more likely to stand the test of time over more generic or impersonal gifts, primarily because they will always carry the memory of your thoughtfulness. But how do you find a gift that’s worth personalising? Read on to unearth the pathway for perfectly personalising your next present.

Choose gifts with their interests in mind

One of the best things about personalised gifts is that they present you with an opportunity to really demonstrate just how strongly you value your relationship with the gift’s receiver. For instance, if your loved one sews or embroiders for fun, a personalised sewing kit can be a truly touching present.

Alternatively, if you know there is a particular musical artist who they both love, or simply their favorite genre, you could get them tickets to go and see them live. A pair of Morgan Wallen tickets, for example, could be a great gift for a country-loving couple. 

Gifting something that relates to a personal hobby of theirs or something that they can genuinely use on a daily basis, will ensure that the positive impacts of your thoughtfulness will be felt for years and years to come.

Prioritise practicality and functionality

If you’re not privy to the personal hobbies or leisure activities of your gift receiver, but you’re still eager to give them something meaningful, consider gifting items that can be universally practical or functional.

Health and beauty products or quality homewares like photo frames are among some of many gifts that all new brides will enjoy. Not only are these pleasurable gifts to receive, but homewares like high-quality cookware can also become incredibly valuable to the newlyweds in their new home.

Know their style

Of course, it’s also best to know a little bit about the style of your bride and groom before settling on any homeware or other personal gifts.

If you’re uncertain about their preferred style when it comes to homewares, wearable gifts can also be a safe bet. A monogrammed bridal robe is a particularly common gift, as it provides the bride with something memorable that she can wear as she’s getting ready for her big day. Just ensure that the robe is in a style that aligns with the bride’s tastes. If you’re the maid of honour, you can also organise similar monogrammed gifts for the entire bridal party too. 

You can also choose to venture into the realm of personal care products for the groom, with personalised grooming kits or beard care kits being increasingly popular gifts for grooms and groomsmen. If a grooming kit may not be to their taste, then a nice watch or a pair of stylish cufflinks can be an equally great gift.

Whether you go for a wearable gift, homewares, or other personal accessories, be sure to ensure that any potential gifts align with the personal styles of both your bride and groom.

Opt for quality

Finally, it goes without saying that if you’re looking for a gift that will stand the test of time, it makes sense for you to source items that are artisanal or of a generally high quality of construction. Always opt for reputable makers and manufacturers, and if you’re looking to get any gifts engraved, do so with an established engraver or with an established outlet that offers high-quality personalisation services.

Finding the right gifts can take time, but once you get those truly thoughtful gifts to their recipients, all that effort becomes absolutely worth it. Yes, giving a monetary gift is always an option, and honestly your honeymooners are going to be grateful for those gifts too.

Even so, this gift-giving opportunity is as rare as they come, and you won’t regret opting for personalised presents for your friends and loved ones on their wedding day.