Five reasons why your business needs a blog

Does your business website have a blog? If not, here are five reasons why you should consider writing one.

When we think of bloggers, it’s easy for our minds to conjure up images of glossy travel blogs offering guidance on the best places to eat in Thailand, or mummy bloggers offering support and advice through tongue-in-cheek posts. But, did you know that in business, blogging can be an effective part of a digital marketing strategy? 

When we think of digital marketing we think of web developers, digital strategies, inbound marketing and the importance of SEO. However, business owners should never underestimate the power and the influence a simple company blog can have. Especially when it comes to reaching out to new customers and building relationships with the ones you wish to retain. 

Wondering what all the fuss is about? How exactly does a blog drive traffic to your website? Here are five reasons your business needs a blog.

1) It gives you straightforward exposure 

As a business owner, you want people to be talking about your brand. However, that kind of exposure isn’t always easy to obtain, especially if you’re just starting out.

The beauty of a blog is it gets people talking. When you write about a particular subject or an opinion, then it can be enough for that website visitor to click the share button. Or tell their friends. When you have well written and consistent content, not only will those clients return, but your readership will also increase, which in turn can lead to more sales! 

2) You get free market research!

These days, consumers are more than happy to give their opinions on their purchases, experiences or let companies know what they want. Having a company blog allows you to take full advantage of this and gather up some useful market research.

You could interact with your potential customers and put up polls or short surveys. From the information alone you can ascertain the demographics of your clients and then target them exclusively. Or – if you dare, simply ask for feedback. The more you interact and show that you’re listening, the more your customers will trust your company.

3) You can keep customers up to date

Got some amazing new stock coming in? Perhaps you’ve had your 1000th sale and you want to celebrate?

A company blog is a simple and straightforward way of keeping your company in touch with its customers or clients. If you regularly post discounts or offers on your blog then it’ll certainly bring more traffic your way.

4) You can answer questions

Another great way of interacting with your customers is by providing space on your blog for a Q&A. Invite people to ask questions or inform followers on your social media pages that they can ask questions over on your blog.

Encourage them to sign up for notifications and let their friends know. It’s a great way to connect all the digital areas of your brand, creating a seamless experience for your customers.

5) It builds trust

When a customer feels that they know a business, they’re more likely to spend their money with them. A company blog allows you to reach out to your clients and vice versa, building trust and rapport.

There’s a wide range of subjects you can write about to build trust. Post about a regular day in the office, talk about balancing home life and business. A company blog can help your company to develop its human side. 

Photo by hannah grace