Five parenting tips to keep your kids safe from bug bites

Want to keep your kids safe from the pain and irritation of bug bites? Here are five suggestions you may find helpful.

While there might be mosquitos and bugs everywhere, they generally go unnoticed. But there are some seasons where it might seem like you can’t do anything without a mosquito biting you somewhere on your body. 

Even if you are used it and can bear the itching, your children will not have a very good time getting bitten by bugs throughout the day. While you can try out a few things to make your home somewhat bug repellant, what happens when your kids go out?

Fortunately, there are some ways to make sure your children don’t have to suffer the pain and constant itching of getting bitten by bugs. Let’s have a look at five of them.

1) Repellants

To keep away all the mosquitos and bugs, you can easily find a range of creams, patches, gels, and, most importantly, repellents.

However, not all of these have the best quality, which is why you should stick with reputable brands like Native Shield that are organic. You should apply these generously on your child’s skin, especially the exposed areas.

2) Wearing the right clothing

If your kids are going to play outside with their friends, then it would be good if you make sure that they are wearing the right type of clothes in addition to wearing the repellants.

A great way to make sure that your kids don’t get any bug bites is to dress up in full clothes. That can be very challenging considering that mosquito seasons can be warm or hot. But you should still try to get your kids to wear full sleeves with pants or leggings. Also, you should get them to wear shoes and socks.  

3) Always being clean

Since it will usually be warm or hot, your kids will probably shower at least once a day to stay clean. But you should make sure that they shower after playtime, and wash their hands and face plenty of times during the day.

This can help you reduce any chances of your kids catching diseases. Staying clean can also reduce the itchiness and redness of a bug bite.

4) Playing in safe areas

Even though it might be mosquito season, there are many areas around town where your kids might be more likely to get bug bites. You need to recognize these areas and make sure that your kids stay away from these places as much as possible. 

Heavy woods, plants, or areas with stagnant water are some examples of places that you should consider staying away from. Many bugs, including mosquitos, thrive much more in green areas and stagnant water. If your kids play in a place like that, they could get diseases from the bug bites.

5) Avoiding sweet smells

You might already know that many types of bugs are attracted to sweet foods and scents. That is why it should be a no-brainer that your kids shouldn’t put on fragrance, body spray, or use any type of product that has a sweet scent.