Five New Year resolutions for better skin

Every New Year we consider all the ways we’d like to be better, healthier and happier over the next 12 months. And this year, why not add taking better care of your skin to the list?

The fact is, between work, family and life in general, few of us have the time to really give our skin the care it deserves. But as makeup artist Pamela Moss points out, some quick changes to our skincare routine can make a massive difference to the way we feel and look.

To help you get started, Pamela has generously shared her five simple New Year beauty resolutions with us.

Five New Year resolutions for more beautiful skin

Follow these five quick New Year resolutions and look forward to a year of beautiful skin!

1) I will use sunscreen everyday

The most important thing you can do to prevent ageing is to use a sunscreen every day. Most moisturisers come with SPF included but check the SPF – it should be a minimum of 15, but 25 is best. And this does include dull, overcast days. Even when it’s cloudy, daylight rays can still damage your skin.

If your moisturiser doesn’t contain an SPF try using Dermalogica’s Solar Defence Booster underneath, or make sure your foundation gives you protection.

2) I will use eye cream

It amazes me how many women use their facial moisturiser over their eye area, or even worse, no eye cream at all. Your eye area has less natural drainage to remove excess products and is so delicate you need to use a specifically designed cream. To fight fine lines I love Decleor Expression de L’age eye cream.

3) I will clear out my makeup bag

This is a big one, and most women reading this will think, ‘I really need to do that!’

The truth is that months-old foundation, blusher and eye shadow on your make-up brushes could be harbouring harmful bacteria. Bacteria can live on unwashed brushes for months, and each time you apply your make-up you run the risk of them transferring to your skin and causing problems such as skin irritation or infection. So experts advise washing your brushes at least once a month.

To clean your brushes, rinse them in warm water with a brush cleanser or mild shampoo. Work it through the bristles with your fingers, then rinse and pat dry with a towel. And throw away any makeup you’ve had for over a year! It might be time to buy a new makeup bag like this Kissing Rabbits cosmetic bag from Anorak.

4) I will remove my makeup at night

We’ve all experienced a late night when you just can’t be bothered standing in front of the bathroom mirror to remove your makeup. But sleeping in your foundation can clog your pores, leading to problems including acne, dryness and red, inflamed skin.

Properly cleansing your skin every night to remove all traces of makeup is your best weapon against unwanted skin conditions. I advise using an oil-free make-up remover first (try Dermalogica’s PreCleanse), followed by your regular cleanser and moisturiser.

5) I will stop neglecting my body

It’s easy when time is short to forget about moisturising your body. But, just as your face, the skin on your body ages too and it’s just as important to keep hydrated to keep those wrinkles at bay. To save time, use a spray body oil such as The Sanctuary’s Moisture Oil.

By Pamela Moss from the Mode Academy of Makeup.