Find the perfect look for women with broad shoulders

Do you have broad shoulders and aren’t sure what style of outfit best suits you? Read on for tips to dress your body shape and look stunning.

People come in all shapes and sizes – and there’s no definitive body shape that is more beautiful than another. And while we should all be free to express ourselves in whatever outfits we choose to wear, the simple truth is that some items and styles suit some body shapes better.

If you have broad shoulders and would like to find styles that play up your attributes and distract attention from any part of your body you like less read on. You’ll learn more about your figure type, and get tips on how to style it so you feel beautiful.

Know your body type: The inverted triangle

Women with broad shoulders and broad backs are framed within the type of body that we know as the ‘inverted triangle’. The key feature of this body shape is broad shoulders, narrowing as you reach your waist, and small hips.

Here are some more classic body shapes:

  • The pear
  • The rectangle
  • The hourglass
  • The rectangle

How to dress an inverted triangle

If you are an inverted triangle shape, the advice is usually to balance your lower body with your upper body. To do this, you need to look for clothes that add volume below your waist. At the same time, you are recommended to avoid clothing that adds volume to your shoulders.

Shoulder pads, bows, boat necks, jackets and lapels at the waist, blouses with very fine straps or sleeveless… all these are items that you are generally recommended to avoid if you don’t wish to draw attention to your shoulders or increase their proportion.

On the other hand, skirts with pleats or A-cut, V-necklines, and wide-legged pants, with prints or side pockets should look fantastic on you.

If you wish to divert attention from your shoulders, you need to apply visual tricks to highlight your attributes. Create vertical lines with plunging necklines, long necklaces, and flowing scarves. Wear jackets and blazers at hip height, just like handbags.

What is the most recommended type of garment? The peplum style is ideal for women with an inverted triangle body. The flare that these garments have below the waist balances your figure. You will find blouses, skirts, pants, jackets and dresses in this style, if you like it.

Five ways you can balance broad shoulders

To better understand what type of clothing you should wear to dress well if you have broad shoulders, follow the tips by Albeli shared below. Looking feminine will not be a problem with these tricks that we bring you.

1) Choose deep necklines

V-necklines slim the upper part of the torso and minimize the importance of the shoulders. If it is deep, it will favour you even more. In this case, remember the golden rule that, if you leave a lot of skin exposed at the top, you must cover your bottom. For example, if you’re going to wear a top with a high slit in the front, don’t pair it with shorts or a miniskirt.

A successful look can be a maxidress with a “V” neckline and very light fabric, for these hot months. Oval necks also look great on you, but avoid boat necks because they will make your shoulders look wider. A turtleneck or swan neckline is very tight, and won’t flatter you because it draws attention right where you want to avoid it.

2) Bet on vertical stripes

Vertical stripes lengthen your torso and stylize it. If you are going to wear garments with this type of pattern, make sure that the lines are vertical. Blouses with horizontal stripes will widen your torso more, achieving the opposite effect of what you want.

It should be noted that even when you don’t wear prints, you can create the effect of vertical lines with the right clothes. For example, a straight-cut sweater or jacket, with long sleeves, produces that effect you’re looking for. If you’re wearing a blazer, choose one with a single row of buttons.

3) Choose the right colours

Dark colours on top will disguise the proportions of your shoulders. However, that doesn’t need you always need to wear black. Instead opt for for a darker shade from the range that you have chosen for your look. Contrast at the bottom with lighter colours, which will not only help with volume but also attract the eye.

As for the patterns, you can also use them at the bottom. But rule out blouses, shirts, or other tops of this type. Patterned pants have become fashionable, so you can take advantage of this trend.

4) Use accessories cleverly

Clever use of the right accessories can also work well when you have broad shoulders. Fine and long necklaces give the sense of verticality that you should look for in your outfit. Short chokers and necklaces, on the other hand add weight to the top. And if you wear earrings, make sure they’re not too large.

Scarves and scarves are other accessories that you can take advantage of. But don’t wrap them around your neck; instead leave them loose. When falling in a straight line they will help you torso to look thinner.

When choosing a handbags, find one that falls at your hips. You can also try crossbody bags.

5) Choose the right dress

Whatever body shape you have, you need to consider the cuts and shapes that will best suit your body type. Dresses that will suit you most are those that have some detail at the waist, and volume in the skirt. Also dresses with an asymmetrical cut, either at the top or bottom, will look fabulous on you.

Look for a dress that highlights the part of your body that you like the most. If it is your bust, choose a “V” neckline. If it’s your legs, you can wear a short dress, ideally with some detail such as a ruffle to draw attention to it. If you wish, you can hide shoulders and your legs with a long dress and deep neckline.

Dare to show your back with a wide neckline. You will look sexy and elegant with this style which will also help balance out your shoulders and wide back.

How to achieve the ideal look if you have broad shoulders

So far we have covered some basic tips for dressing for your body shape. Here are some final recommendations to help you:

  • Choose the right size clothes. 
  • If you wear a blazer to work, opt for ones without shoulder pads.
  • Jackets and blazers look better without lapels. But if they have them, make them long and reach below the waist.
  • Thin straps are less flattering than wider ones.
  • Choose blouses that have slightly thicker necks.
  • Use hip pants to accentuate that part of your body.
  • Avoid empire waists because they draw attention to your upper body.
  • As with dresses, open-back tops with asymmetrical cuts flatter your figure.
  • Try not to wear accessories that draw attention to your upper torso.

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