How to find the perfect jeans for your figure

Do you find jean shopping a headache? Never know which style to buy? London-based personal stylist Sally Smy shares her tips to help you find the perfect jeans for your figure.

Like ladies linen pants, jeans are one of the most hardworking pieces of clothing we own. They are an everyday staple that make you feel like a million dollars when you wear a style that flatters your figure.

On the other hand, if they are poor quality and an unflattering fit they’ll add pounds and look frumpy – not a desired look!

That’s why it’s worth taking the time and effort to find a style that suits your figure. Easier said than done when there are so many styles to choose from!

Five tips to help you shop for jeans like a stylist

The first thing you need to do is adopt the right shopping mindset. Here are my tried and tested key tips to help you do that.

1) Consider your lifestyle

You need to have an idea of what activity the jeans are for. Do you need a casual style for weekends, smart ones for work or a sexy pair for going out? If you are looking for jeans that perform a lot of functions then you should consider buying more than one pair.

Sometimes the reason you struggle to find the right pair is because you want them to do too many things which is unrealistic. 

2) Research before you hit the shops

Create a shortlist of brands and styles you like before you venture to the high street. Shopping without an idea in mind of what you are looking for and can afford, is a sure fire way to be disappointed. 

3) Choose a quality brand

Expensive doesn’t always equate to good quality. I see lots of expensive designer jeans that are not worth the money. As a general rule if you are buying designer jeans stick to specialist denim brands such as Frame, Paige, Citizens of Humanity and J brand.  On the high street Zara, H&M COS and Levi offer excellent value for money.  

4) Be prepared to try on lots of styles

The chances that the first pair of jeans you try on will be the perfect fit is like getting a hole-in-one – extremely rare and incredibly lucky! There are so many subtle details that affect the fit such as the shape of the rise, fabric composition, the pockets, whether it contains stretch and many many more.

As a buyer I worked on the other side creating the finished product and a small detail really makes a big difference. You can’t tell this until it’s on the body.

5) Stay in the jeans lane!

If you are shopping for jeans, make that your main task. Don’t start browsing the dress aisles or trying to find a whole new outfit at the same time. Go into the fitting room with a range of sizes and shapes to try. If you are shopping online, order lots of styles with a view to sending most back.

Don’t be hung up on being a certain size as they will vary so much between the brands and shapes. Instead focus on how the jeans look on you and most importantly, whether you feel great in them.

How to find the right style of jeans for your figure

So, now you have the right mindset to buy jeans. Here’s a run down of styles to suit your figure.

Jeans for curvy hips

You tend to carry more weight on your bottom half so styles such a wide leg and straight cut jeans look great on you. Avoid pleated waistbands and excessive fading on the thighs as this will make you look larger. Instead, go for no wash dark indigo denim as this is far more flattering.

COS straight cut high rise jeans

Jeans for ‘Apple’ shapes

You have shapely legs and tend to carry weight around your waistline. Many Apples make the mistake of wearing uber skinny jeans to show off their slim legs but this can make you look top heavy and out of proportion. Bootcut jeans and flares are the ideal style to show off your slim hips and create balance with your top half. 

Frame – Le High Flare

Jeans for petites

If you have short and slim legs then you need jeans that don’t swamp your frame. Mid and lower rise jeans work well for you depending on your height.

Choose styles that do not have excess fabric such as straight legs and tapered legs. That doesn’t mean you can’t wear wide leg jeans but choose a narrower wide leg with a slim fit over the hips. The palazzo jean should be avoided at all costs!

Top Shop Petite MOM jeans 

Jeans for tall people

If you are above 5’8” in height you look amazing in most jeans shapes but you do have to dig a little deeper to find styles that fit. You tend to be longer in the rise so high rise styles work well for you and styles that have a pleated waistband.

Look for jeans that are available in a 34” leg length. Some stores will have this information on the garment but if not, invest in a tape measure and check before trying – that’s what I do!

Zara Palazzo jeans

I hope that has helped you choose the right jeans for your body shape. Remember this is just a snapshot of all the jeans available so if there isn’t a jeans style that grabs you there are plenty more to choose from.  Put yourself in the right mindset by following my tips and I guarantee you’ll find the perfect one for you.

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