Decorate your workspace for Christmas: 10 tips for getting the office festive

There’s something magical about entering your workplace and, instead of it looking like it always does, you spy a beautifully decorated tree in the lobby. Or a giant, inflatable snowman sits on the roof.

Only these impressive displays – like everything Christmas – don’t just ‘appear’. And for some, the responsibility of ‘chief decorator’ can seem daunting.

But it doesn’t have to be! Whether you eagerly volunteered or were handed the job of making the office look festive, here are 10 tips for jazzing up your workplace faster than Santa on a sleigh.

1) Plan ahead 

The key to nailing all things Christmas: start early and create a plan of action. For stress-free festivities all round, take the same approach to getting your home squeaky clean ahead of the big day. Plenty has an all-encompassing guide on Christmas cleaning. Because ‘X-Mess’ is inevitable!

When planning, think: is there a theme you’d like this year’s workplace decorations to follow? Which parts of the building does everyone see the most? Where can the most impact be made?

 2) Use what’s already there 

Take stock of the decs the workplace already has (there is likely a box stashed away in the filing cupboard). Strike gold, in the form of a trove of decorations, and the extent of your task could simply be getting creative with last year’s tinsel!

And if you’re lacking a few bits and bobs here and there, write a list and head to the shops.

 3) Make your own decorations

On a budget or keen to channel your inner artist? Decorations can be made from just about anything: leftover cardboard, scrap paper – even kitchen towel! 

Here’s how to make DIY snowflake paper bunting and other homemade Christmas decorations. A glass of Eggnog as you go can’t hurt, can it?

 4) Get others involved 

Chances are, if you start putting up lights and tinsel when your work mates are around, they’ll lend you a hand. Get the whole workplace involved with the decorations, so it isn’t all on you.

Encourage your colleagues to take charge of decorating their own desks. Maybe even have a contest for who can make their desk look the best? Together, you can all feel proud of the outcome – a fabulously festive space! 

 5) Have some fun! 

Why not print out pictures of your teammates to put on the walls? This could remind you of a meal out or event you all shared. You could also print out pictures of elf and Santa hats to stick on everyone’s pictures!

Try something different: use a bit of string and cardboard to make baubles from your workmate’s pictures (so long as they’re game for it!). Now you just need somewhere to put the baubles…

 6) You can’t have workplace decorations without… a tree! 

Small, large, extravagant or simplistic: the item that cries out ‘Christmas’ the most is the Christmas tree! 

Limited space? You can source a small, token tree to stand atop a desk. But maybe you’d rather a larger, real-pine showstopper, to truly fill the air with festive merriment! It’s up to you to put the tree in the place you think it will be seen best and cover it in tasteful ornaments.

 7) Lights galore 

Stringing up twinkly fairy lights is a quick and easy way to build an atmosphere and brighten up the workplace! Tip: place these strategically on shelves and around the desk where you can use clear tape or just lay them, to avoid worries about attaching the lights to the wall! 

And maybe don’t go for anything red and flashy? Keep tones to a mild yellow in the interests of ambience and good will. 

8) Food helps (always) 

Better in the kitchen than the decorating department? Whip up some gingerbread biscuits or mince pies and set up a ‘help yourself’ station in the days running up to Christmas. A beautifully presented stand of mince pies is a great way to adorn the workplace.

Non-bakers can ask their teammates to help or buy biscuits, pastries and other irresistible festive treats from the local bakery.

 9) Don’t ignore the doors 

Wreaths on doors (home-crafted or shop bought) are but one way to keep Christmas at the top of everyone’s mind. Consider making a welcome message wishing everyone good cheer for the front door. Or put up a ‘countdown to the big day’ that you change each morning, so your colleagues have something different waiting for them each day!

 10) Get everyone together – party time! 

A key part of the process: make sure everyone enjoys the hard work you’ve put into your workplace decorations. A classic Secret Santa or party (small or large) gathers the lot of you in one place. And the decorations you’ve treated everyone to are sure to be a topic of conversation!

For further help and advice on planning ahead for Christmas, here are five tips for styling your Christmas table and four gift ideas for people who are hard to buy for.

It doesn’t have to be the most stressful time of the year. There are decorating, cleaning and food prep hacks that you can easily implement to ensure your Christmas is as wonderous and magical as, quite frankly, you are!

Photo by Kenny Eliason