Four gift ideas for people who are hard to buy for

We’ve all got them. People we love and know well… but just don’t know what gift to give them. To help you, we’ve put together some ideas.

From the teenager who now hates all their old childhood interests and whose style you can never possibly guess, to the partner or father who buy themselves everything they want, some people are almost impossible to buy gifts for.

To help you, we’ve scoured the web for ideas for four gift ideas for people who are hard to buy for.

1) A limited edition whisky – buy a whisky lover

If you know someone who is a whisky lover, like my dad, but who is sick of being given the same old names every year for Christmas, why not give them a new whisky this year?

This way you aren’t just giving them a bottle of their favourite spirit; you are introducing them to a new brand they may move. Plus it is an opportunity for them to learn more about their chosen tipple.

And if you are looking for a brand to gift them, look no further than King’s Inch Single Malt Whisky, which was launched last December.

Core King’s Inch is a marriage of Single Malts matured in both ex-Oloroso sherry and ex-Bourbon from both Tennessee and Kentucky. And to celebrate their first anniversary, they are releasing a Single Cask Sherry Edition just in time for Christmas.

Only 586 bottles will be made available from a Single Sherry Butt, so if you are looking for a more imaginative and special gift for a whisky lover, this could hit the spot.

2) A bluetooth speaker/nightlight/alarm – buy for a teenager

If there’s one thing teenagers usually DON’T like it is waking up in the morning. They do however generally enjoy listening to (their) music in their room.

Now imagine if there was a gift that could make it easier for them to listen to music, make their room more atmospheric and release you from the thankless task of having to wake them up in the morning?

Enter this brilliant-looking gadget. It’s a night light, bluetooth speaker, alarm clock, white noise machine and dimmable colour changing bedside lamp all in one!

So your teenager can use it to listen to music, sleep better, wake up and create their desired mood lighting for their bedroom. It’s bound to put a smile on even the grumpiest teen’s face this Christmas.

3) A pet portrait – buy for a pet lover

If one of your tricky people to buy for has a pet, you are in luck! Because what would they love more than something with their beloved pet’s face on it?

These days pet portraits are big business and you should be able to find something that suits their taste. You can either search for an artist local to you, or browse sites like Etsy, who boast a wide range of styles.

You’ll find everything from more traditional portraits to modern looking prints. My personal favourites are the portraits that turn your pet into the prince or princess you know they secretly are! You can even turn your pet portrait into gifts such as keychains and t-shirts.

The hardest part of this gift will be narrowing down your choice of portrait from the range available… and not be tempted into ordering one for yourself.

4) A weekend away – buy for your partner

We’re conditioned to think of Christmas gifts as needing to be something physical wrapped and placed under the tree. But experiences can be just as wonderful to receive as an object, sometimes more so.

So if you have someone who has everything, why not think about buying them something they can’t stuff in a wardrobe or place on a shelf, and instead enriches their life with a wonderful experience?

There are so many to choose from – from flying lessons and massages, to racing days and beekeeping courses. But my personal favourite is gifting my partner a weekend away.

This way you get to leave your busy lives behind for a weekend and reconnect as a couple. You can explore a new area and find time to just be together and chat. It’s precious stolen time, but hard to prioritise when so much else competes for your time.

You could pre-book a hotel of your choice, or design a voucher to give them on Christmas day, and let them choose where to stay – or decide together.

And if buying a weekend for them is a financial stretch, you could gift each other the weekend, and choose somewhere that fits your budget. It doesn’t have to be a five-star boutique hotel – a simple B&B somewhere new can be just as romantic and special.

What gifts will you buy this year?

These are just four ideas, but I hope they have inspired you to think about what you can get people you love this year. And of course, you take repurpose these ideas for anyone. You might have an aunt who loves whisky, or parents who’d appreciate a weekend away.

Sometimes the perfect gift you could never have thought of is just a Google search away. You may even decide to make your gifts this year if money is tight. So get hunting for unusual gift ideas and put a smile on someone’s face this Christmas with a thoughtful and perfectly chosen present.

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Photo by Sean Ferigan