How to channel your creative ideas into action!

If you’re bursting with ideas, but have no clue which ones to pursue – or how you even start to go about it – then an exciting new one day conference on 30 May in Nottingham is perfect for you.

The Multi-Passionate Women’s Conference 2014 (MPWC) is aimed at women who have plenty of passions and creative ideas, but struggle to act on them – women just like you.

  • Maybe you’re working in a job that’s just okay, and harbour secret dreams of doing something that really inspires you.
  • Perhaps you long to use your skills to go freelance but lack the confidence to make the leap.
  • Or maybe you’re toying with the idea of turning a hobby you love into a business you can run on your terms, but don’t know where to start.

If any of these scenarios sound familiar, you’ll find the inspiration, support and advice you need to turn your wishes into the beginning of a plan of action at MPWC.

Who can you hear speaking at the event?

The MPWC is an opportunity to listen to talks by inspirational woman who have taken their creative passions and turned them into successful new careers and businesses, including:

  • Marianne Cantwell, author of Free Range Humans. Marianne transformed her passion for travel into a profitable business that allows her to work from several countries throughout the year.
  • Serena Simmons, a Psychology Coach. A relatively new area of the British Psychological Society, Psychology Coaching takes best practice from multiple areas of practitioner-based psychology and rolls them into one massively impactful and life changing package.
  • Corrina Gordon-Barnes, founder of You Inspire Me. Corrina believes that the world needs passion, and that you can absolutely can make a decent living following your heart – you just need to learn how.
  • Julie Hall from Women Unlimited. Julie helps women to start and run businesses that are sustainable and bring in a good income. She’ll talk about how you can make money from your passion.
  • Vanya and Laila from Indigo Brave. Vanya and Laila run a successful business training company. They’ll explain how you can take care of yourself and your family while pursuing your business dreams.
  • Sarah Dale from Creating Focus. Sarah is a Nottingham-based Organisational and Coaching Psychologist. She’ll talk about not giving up on your passions, and how to rediscover your passion if you feel you have lost it.

How can MPWC help you?

As well as getting fantastic inspiration and advice from the day’s speakers, at MPWC you will have the opportunity to:

  • Network with like-minded, talented women.
  • Barter skills with other women to get free help.
  • Win the chance to give a 10 minute talk about your business or ideas.
  • Get specific advice from the speakers in a Q&A session.
  • Join in a meditation on the lawn (weather permitting).
  • Join a post-event networking gathering in the champagne bar.

All this in the beautiful surroundings of Colwick Hall in Nottingham.

How can you attend?

If you’d like to benefit from this amazing, unique event you’ll need to book fast as places are strictly limited. The event takes place on Friday 30 May. Tickets cost just £120 and include tea and coffee throughout the day and a substantial hot buffet lunch.

You can find out more about the event and book your ticket here.