Five simple steps to creating a fabulous business idea

Are you desperate to start your own business, but like so many ambitious mums struggling at the first hurdle – coming up with a viable idea?

Don’t worry, you’re far from alone. And luckily for you, business and creativity coach Clare Greig is generously sharing her easy five-step technique to brainstorming fabulous business ideas.

All fired up but no business idea?

So, you’re keen to start your own business, steer your own ship and be on your boss. You want to feel fired up on Monday mornings and you are seeing so many women running with amazing businesses.

You have a fire in your belly to ditch your employer and set yourself free of your corporate cubicle forever.

Yet… you have no business idea. And how the heck do you get started without an idea?

I am a big believer in everyone having a purpose. Everyone having a really amazing business idea deep inside them. It’s just about getting it out and into the world. And today I am sharing a really simple five-step process to dive in and find yours.

(Warning: you may find this process so fabulous you end up with an abundance of ideas and no idea which one to do first – we’ll count that as a first world issue.)

My five-step process for business idea brainstorming

Here is my five-step process for business idea brainstorming.

1) How do you make money now?

First of all I want you to take a good look at what you do for a living and consider how you can make it freelance. Or become a consultant.

For example if you work in PR at a big corporate company then take the leap and start your own little PR online business. Then choose an industry you love – such as gourmet food – and target that industry for clients.

2) Consider where your passion and curiosity lies

What can you spend hours doing without noticing the time? Or maybe something you can talk about all day without getting bored? Where does your curiosity or passion lie?

Note – if you feel as though you have no passion take one hour a week for yourself and dedicate that time to doing something you love. Just for you. This in itself will get you in a more creative, inspired head space and business ideas will come. I promise.

3) Look for patterns

Look at all your old jobs. What single thing did you enjoy about each and every one of them? Write a list and look for themes.

Do you love working with people? Being in the forefront or perhaps working autonomously on new projects? Do you love building communities or fixing broken teams or products? Drill down and analyse your resume for clues.

4) How will you make money?

Consider what people will buy from you. Is it your knowledge, your expertise or your skills and services? Perhaps they will buy a product from you?

Try to create a layer of products at different levels – small products so clients can try you on for measure then a scale of larger investments so they can really work closely with you or access your high end products. The more income streams you have the better.

5) Surf that web!

Spend a couple of hours searching online for people who are already working in your idea space. If there are already people offering what you want to offer that is a really good sign – it means it’s a tried and tested business model. You just have to plant the seeds initially.

Getting started with an idea that makes you heart sing and run with it is the way to go. Your business idea will evolve, change and become more defined as your journey unfolds.

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