12 things you SHOULD say in a job interview

Preparing for an upcoming job interview and want to impress? Here are 12 things you SHOULD say.

There are few feelings in the world more panic-inducing than being lost for words in a job interview. The pressure is on you (as are the eyes of everyone in the room) and your brain suddenly runs out of inspiration. 

Sometimes this is just down to nerves. Other times it can be because you’ve failed to do the right research and have been asked a question you can’t answer.

Either way, better preparation could have saved you from that nightmarish moment, and the likely disappointment to follow.

When you’re preparing for a job interview, you should research the company and make sure you’re familiar with every aspect of the role spec. But it’s also important to know the best things to say at every stage of the interview.

Preparing carefully, and having questions and answers ready can help ease some of the inevitable pre-interview nerves. It also allows you to have an element of control over the direction of the conversation and questioning.

At the end of your interview you also have the opportunity to impress by asking the right questions. You might also consider sending a follow-up email thanking them for inviting you and following up on anything you wanted to mention in the interview.

So, if you’ve got an interview coming up, why not start planning what you can say with these tips from the infographic below?

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Photo by Christina @ wocintechch