11 fantastic uses of text messages for businesses, nonprofits, and more

If you have not yet thought about using text messages for your small business, then you’re missing out. Read on for 11 ways you can use them to reach your target audience.

Research shows that clients are more likely to read SMS than any type of mobile communication, such as voice and email. Because clients take their mobile phones everywhere they go, 90% of all text messages are read in a few minutes.

However, you shouldn’t overuse SMS marketing since getting a lot of texts can be annoying to the clients. Text messaging will make sense for specific and well-timed communications. Here are some of the uses of text messaging for businesses and nonprofit.

1) Send welcome texts to new subscribers

You can send your new clients welcome texts once they subscribe to your SMS marketing campaign. With this, they will know they’re subscribed, and it will offer you a chance to engage with them correctly. Additionally, it creates a tone for future relations. These welcome texts don’t have to be complex or long, and you can incorporate a special offer or coupon code.

2) MMS video and image submissions

Use text messaging to send photos directly to client’s phones. Photos are compelling for retailers and restaurants since nothing makes clients want to check on offers, such as seeing stylish outfits or delicious meals on their phones.

Use text messages to accept videos from clients for things like fan submissions and client support. Since sending videos is easier to do directly from the camera roll. So, when using text messaging, clients don’t have to upload files to email, run up against file size limits, or even deal with unfamiliar video platforms. It only requires a quick swipe, choose, and send; you will have new content from your clients.

3) SMS consumer feedback

Use text messaging to solicit comments and responses about your business or Nonprofit. Text messaging makes it easier for clients to text for prompt feedback, offering you valuable insights on enhancing customer experience, creating new products that they will love, and offering unique services.

4) Provide text-based customer services

Use SMS messaging to offer client services. This is useful for businesses and nonprofits with a mobile workforce, such as delivery drivers. When clients want to contact customer support, they can send an SMS instead of calling. This will save the client time and can be less disruptive for a business.

5) SMS marketing offers

Use text messages to send valuable offers to clients, which they can redeem online or in-store. To incentivize clients, companies use SMS marketing to boost profits by sending special deals, promotions, coupons, and buy-one-get-one-free offers.

6) SMS appointment reminders

Use text messages to send friendly reminders to clients about previously scheduled appointments.  This is a clever way to use SMS marketing.  The SMS appointment reminder can include the following:

  • Location, date, time
  • CTA to encourage clients to show up
  • A link to the business website
  • Emojis to improve engagement

If the number of available spots is limited, incorporate an RSVP link in the text so your clients can reserve a spot. For instance, platforms like Updox will help you manage everything from one place. 

7) Text messaging rewards program

Use text messages to create a unique mobile rewards program to send promotions and offers to loyal clients. That’s a perfect way to re-engage clients while making them feel appreciated. Offering them special deals, coupons, and promotions increases their lifetime value.

8) SMS product information

Use text messaging to get important product information to clients whenever they are ready to purchase. This eliminates the friction in the purchasing procedure, so clients get the insights they want when they want it. This helps keep hot leads rather than cooling them off as they wait for days for the data they need to decide.

9) MMS Video messaging

Use text messaging to send promotional video clips directly to the client’s mobile phone. Besides, video marketing is becoming a popular marketing channel. Studies indicate that 54% of clients want to see more video content from a business or a brand they support.

10) Email capture via SMS

Use text messaging to collect client email addresses and synchronize them automatically with email marketing providers. SMS marketing is the best way to grow your email marketing lists. Companies like Redbox and Applebee use SMS messaging to grow their email lists.

11) SMS lead generation

Use mobile messaging to generate leads and collect info like names, phone numbers, emails, and zip codes. That makes it easy to send targeted promotions like a client’s birthday.

SMS marketing is an easy way to reach your audience

SMS marketing is one of the easiest ways to reach your target audience and improve engagement. Since you are marketing to your clients where they are more active, you have better chances of retaining their attention.