Becoming a mum doesn’t mean you have to give up on your career. You just need to be more creative and clever about how you pursue your ambitions.

And that’s what we’re here to help you to do.

Talented Ladies Club was started by two friends, Hannah Martin and Kary Fisher, who met while pregnant with their daughters. Hannah is an award-winning advertising copywriter and Kary a talented graphic designer and illustrator.

Why we started Talented Ladies Club

After having children, we naively thought life would continue as normal (just with more nappies and less sleep!). But the reality of a post-baby career – redundancy, discrimination and loss of opportunities – shocked us.

And when we shared our experiences and frustrations with our friends, we realised we weren’t alone. There was a whole world of talented ladies out there struggling to make their careers work after becoming mums, just like us.

Over time, we found a way to build successful freelance careers from home, learning plenty of valuable, and sometimes expensive, lessons along the way. And we started Talented Ladies Club to share those lessons. We also wanted to show other mums that they could find a way to realise their ambitions, and be the mum they wanted to be.

What’s in Talented Ladies Club?

Since we launched Talented Ladies Club in April 2013 it’s grown into a popular resource of knowledge packed with practical expert advice about starting a business, changing career and going freelance, as well as wellbeing and psychological insights and tips.

We also share inspiring stories of other mums who have successfully found a way to make money doing what they love.

We want Talented Ladies Club to give you hope, inspiration, advice and ideas – so you too can enjoy a rewarding and fulfilling life and career, whether you’re a mum or not!

Need more hands-on support?

Over time we realised that lots of mums needed more than just tips and inspiration – they lacked the actual tools and support they needed to take effective, positive action on their goals.

And while there’s plenty of information available on the internet, it’s not always easy to find what you need – or to work out what training and tools are worth investing in, and which are (to put it bluntly) rubbish.

So we have condensed all the knowledge and lessons we have acquired, and that of our brilliant team of experts, to create an amazing monthly membership club for mums.

Activate has been carefully designed to give you the perfect mix of practical tools and support you need to reach your goals, including:

  • Easy-to-follow, step-by-step guides to starting a business or blog, going freelance or changing career.
  • Printable tools, templates, tick lists, workbooks, cheat sheets and plans to help you make effective progress.
  • No waffle 30-minute training videos full of practical tips you can implement immediately.
  • Support, accountability and motivation via our monthly live chats and private Facebook group.

Through Activate we hope that we will genuinely change lives and help more mums creatively, cleverly and successfully pursue their ambitions – on their terms.

You can find out more about Activate (and get a sneak peek inside in our video) here.