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Running your own business can be very lonely. Even if you have people working for you, you are responsible for driving your business forward and making daily decisions that can have significant consequences for your success or failure.

In the early years of running your business, you are also probably responsible for most of the tasks that keep it going, too – whether you have the skills or experience to do them well or not!

I know all this because this has been my journey as an entrepreneur. I initially started in 2007 as a freelance copywriter, and then launched Talented Ladies Club in 2013.

It took a few years for Talented Ladies Club to earn enough to outsource significant tasks, so in the early years I was the entire business. And it was a steep learning curve. I got lots wrong and invested a considerable amount of time and money in learning how to shape and run a successful business.

Since then I have been sharing my skills and experience in online courses and masterclasses, and helped hundreds of other business owners and freelancers to grow their confidence, skills and profit too.

And now I am sharing my experience more widely in free fortnightly Lunch & Learn classes.

Three reasons why I am holding free business classes

Why hold free classes? There are three key reasons. Firstly, and importantly, I recognise that not every business owner can afford to invest in our paid online training and support. And I want to make good business education available to them too.

Secondly, most online business courses and classes tend to be focused on one area of business. For example, SEO or how to build an online course. But the skills you need in business are broad. So even if you do invest in one or two courses and classes, you still don’t have the full picture.

I wanted to help share a wide range of business skills to plug gaps that may be holding you back, despite your investment of time and money in courses.

And finally, quite selfishly, I love doing it! When I look at what excites me most, and gives me energy, it is teaching. I get an enormous amount of pleasure and satisfaction in planning classes, and joy in delivering them and hearing how much they help you.

How do the Lunch & Learn classes work?

Our Lunch & Learn classes are free. To watch them you just need to enrol as a member here. Once you are in, you have access to our library of past classes (right now you can watch our Sales Funnel class). You’ll also be informed of any upcoming classes, and given details on how to join them.

The classes are held live and you can attend and ask questions at the end if you wish, or email them over in advance. After the classes are over, the recordings are added to the Lunch & Learn library for you to watch when you wish.

What do people say about Lunch & Learn?

Our first class, on Sales Funnels, took place last week. Here’s some of the feedback from the class:

  • So helpful thank you. I can see that I spend more time in the middle funnel than top or bottom. Now I’ve got ideas of what I need to do to balance this up
  • Brilliantly clear! This is soooo helpful and brilliant
  • Lovely and clear – and inspiring!
  • I really enjoyed that. What a great way to start my New Year learnings. Great content and great authenticity
  • Just wanted to say a big thank you for your interesting and informative lunch and learn today, I loved it! 
  • The idea to make a worksheet is very helpful. It seems so easy now
  • So useful Hannah, thank you. I always think sales funnels are so complicated but you’ve simplified it for me!

You can watch a recording of this class right now in our Lunch & Learn library. Just sign up for free here.

When is the next class?

Our next Lunch & Learn class is on the important subject of Pricing, and takes place at 1pm UK time on Thursday 26 January.

Here is what we will cover in the class:

  • The shocking 1% insight that will change how you view pricing
  • Five biggest pricing myths (and why they are wrong)
  • Five pricing truths you need to know
  • How to work out what your pricing needs to be
  • How to work out your REAL hourly rate
  • Why discounting is a luxury you can’t afford
  • The line you should never cross when working out your pricing
  • Mindset reframes that help you charge what you need

The class should last about 45 minutes, including Q&A.

Click here to join Lunch & Learn for free now and watch our Pricing class live.