Your 30-second guide to writing a powerful press release

A few months ago, we shared a comprehensive guide to writing an effective press release. Now, for the time-poor mums among you (or if you just need a quick cheat sheet) we’ve put together a short, 30-second guide.

Good PR skills are an important part of your business toolkit – and a well-written press release can help you win invaluable free publicity through media coverage.

Learn how to write a powerful press release in 30 seconds

We’ve boiled the key attributes of a great press release down to 10 points – and here they are – quick enough to read, absorb and learn in just 30 seconds:

  1. Research – understand who you want to get the attention of, and what you want them to do – then research which journalists or publications you need to contact to achieve it.
  2. Story – develop a good story or angle that incorporates good timing, maximum impact, relevant locality, vicarious fame, and/or human interest.
  3. Headline – write a short, catchy, active and descriptive headline and email subject line.
  4. Opening – limit your first paragraph to 30 words, and ensure you cover the who, what, when, where, why and how of your story.
  5. Length – keep your press release to a maximum of two pages.
  6. Facts – stick to facts and relevant information and resist the temptation to talk yourself or your story up.
  7. Quotes – include relevant and interesting quotes, especially if they add context or extra details.
  8. Language – avoid over-used buzzwords like incredible, amazing, exciting, revolutionary, unique, best, leading, top, innovative and exclusive.
  9. Personalise – tailor your press release for every journalist or publication to make it as personal as possible. (But don’t forget your boilerplate copy.)
  10. Contact details – always end with your contact details (and ensure you’re available if and when journalists get in touch).

Master these 10 points and you’ll soon be able to write the kind of press releases journalists love – and hopefully unleash the power of free publicity for your business.

If you’d like to find out more about the skills you need to write a press release, and the reasons why they’re so important, read our full length guide to writing one.