Yacht life: Five must-do activities for unforgettable Mallorca charter vacation

Mallorca is a favorite holiday destination for many who want to explore the Mediterranean Sea. Discover five must-do activities for an unforgettable charter vacation.

As one of the largest islands, Mallorca has a unique landscape, idyllic beaches, and a beautiful climate ideal for adventure. This explains why it remains a destination of choice for millions of people across the world. 

A yacht charter is the best way to spend your vacation on this iconic island. Cruising on a yacht in style allows you to experience the alluring crystal-clear waters, stunning scenery, and beaches, all while enjoying luxury in a luxurious yacht.

If you are wondering what activities await you here, you’ll be happy to know that there are many things to do. 

Here are five must-do activities for an unforgettable charter vacation in Mallorca. 

1) Explore nature at Canberra National Park

For someone who loves to explore nature, kick off your stay with a visit to Canberra National Park. This national park is home to birds and wildlife, abundant flora and fauna, and an alluring natural beauty that will transform your hiking experience. There’s a vast, untouched land to explore and soak in breathtaking views. 

However, the park is a protected marine reserve mainly accessible by boat. So, you must plan with a reliable Mallorca yacht charter to be granted a pass. While here, you can enjoy various activities like diving into its beautiful blue waters, swimming, or snorkeling. And there’s no better way to enjoy it than from a private luxurious yacht.

2) Plunge into stunning coves and beaches

Another fulfilling activity in Mallorca is exploring its beautiful beaches and coves along the coastline. With about 300 of them, picking one to visit is the real challenge. From the incredible Cala Ratjada to the beautiful Es Trenc Cala Gat, there are many accessible coves you can try. 

You can expect an awe-inspiring experience from its spectacular high cliffs, white sands, and mountains.

All these coves and beaches enjoy crystal clear waters, presenting perfect opportunities for activities like snorkeling and kayaking. You can even try scuba diving to the bottom for the terrific view of old sunken shops. But if you’d like to relax and soak up the sun, go for it!

3) Explore the seafood gastronomy and indulge in beachside entertainment

Onboarding a superyacht means access to a professional gourmet chef abroad. This expert help can prepare tasty local delicacies to saml,e the island food culture based on your location. It’s the best way to enjoy a fine dining experience without leaving the yacht.

But if you’d love to step out, plenty of seafood restaurants are sure to appeal to your taste buds. Some top beachfront restaurants must-visit include Es Fum, Es Faro, Il Paradiso, and Es Passeig. The ambiance and atmosphere in these restaurants, plus the comprehensive cuisine options from Mediterranean to European, offer a remarkable dining experience. 

A short distance away from the dining area is vibrant nightlife. There are plenty of beach clubs perfect for entertainment where you can unwind with award-winning wine and cool music after a day of cruising and exploring the coastline. 

4) Dive into watersports adventure

Of course, Mallorca is the ultimate destination for watersports, thanks to the scenic coastline, cool island breeze, and warm summers. The island has many watersports centers fully equipped to offer lessons and hire out equipment for kite surfing, wakeboarding, scuba diving, and sailing. There are also banana boats, jet skis, and speedboats that deliver the desired adrenaline rush. 

5) Slow down, play games, and party in your yacht

Sailing itself is a thrilling experience. However, luxury yachts have more to offer for quality time with friends or family. From jacuzzis to sun decks, they provide an ideal environment for playing fun games like chess or karaoke as you relax and soak in the energizing yacht experience. 

Besides, the sea is at your disposal, providing a better playground nearby if you are seeking an adrenaline rush. You can unforgettably experience the underwater world with a spectacular panoramic view through scuba diving.

Swimming is another easy and fulfilling activity on a chartered yacht. Thankful, the yachts are equipped with essential tools like swimming mats, floaties, and noodles. 

Additionally, you can hold a yacht party. If you have a special event to celebrate with friends and family, a chartered yacht is the best place. It is built for luxury and entertainment and has all the necessary amenities. 

Book a yacht holiday in Mallorca

Finding a great place to spend your vacation can be challenging. But if a yacht experience is on your to-do list, the most exciting place to travel would be Mallorca, as it can offer many attractive attractions like unrivaled beaches, breathtaking coves, historic sites, and delicious Mediterranean cuisine. 

Including these fun activities in your plan helps you get the best moments on the Mediterranean that create memories with your friends and family. But all these come at a cost, so be sure to design a budget and find a yacht that matches your demands.

If you want to make the most of Mallorca’s charm, invest in research, plan to avoid a last-minute rush, and ensure everything is done right.