Work at home gigs – seven tips on finding a freelance job using Craigslist

Looking for freelance work you can do from home? Here are seven tips to help you find a role using Craigslist.

Craigslist is probably one of the biggest websites used to look for items for sale, community services, discussion forums, and even housing options.

But second hand cars and sofas aren’t the only things you can pick up on Craigslist – it can also help you find the right jobs suitable to match your skills and schedule.

But if you wanted to find freelance work using Craigslist, where do you start your search? The sheer number of ads available on Craigslist can make finding your perfect freelance job feel challenging. To help you, here are seven quick tips.

1) Start by visiting your local Craigslist site

Anyone can access Craigslist – as long as you have an internet connection, you can visit the site. And if you’re working remotely, you can, in theory, work for any business, anywhere in the world.

That said, you need to start your home working job hunt somewhere. and it makes sense to begin by looking close to home. So use Craigslist’s location-based search function to seek out opportunities in your area or nearby cities. 

2) Search by keyword

Once you’ve narrowed your search down to your local area, begin searching by keyword. Type in your ideal freelancing job and check the results. For example, if want to work as a writer, type “writer” in the Craigslist search box and check if any job description fits your preferences. 

While ambition is always admirable, it’s important not to apply for jobs that you won’t be able to actually do. This will just waste everyone’s time, and the inevitable rejection won’t do your self-esteem any good.

3) Use the side panel to refine your search results 

After typing in the keywords for your the freelancing job you want, you ‘ll probably be presented with many different options. Depending on the keyword you used, you could get hundreds or even thousands of results.

To filter the search results, use the side panel on Craigslist. This is where you can choose whether you want your next freelancing job to be “an internship,” “under a contract,” or “requires telecommuting.” 

4) Check the posting date 

Before you apply for a freelancing job through Craigslist, make sure you check the posting date. You don’t want to spend time on a carefully presented application, only to discover the job was posted (and filled) seven years ago!

When looking for a freelancing job on Craigslist, the more current the job ad is, the better. If possible, avoid applying for freelance jobs that are more than two weeks old. There’s a good chance this position has been filled, and the employer just forgot to take the ad down.

5) Scan titles for key terms

Titles used in job ads to make the search easier for you and employers. So pay attention to them. For example, if you’re fairly new to a skill or profession and the ad specifies they’re filling a “senior” position, then you’re probably not what they’re looking for.

To save you time wading through positions you can’t apply for, try adding the level of seniority or experience to your search term. So, if you don’t have a great deal of experience, start your search by including the words “junior” or “entry-level”. 

6) Be wary of job titles that look spammy

Craigslist can be a godsend for people who are looking for jobs, but not everyone is using the platform to look for employees.

Some people are only using Craigslist to scam and get money from other people. You can avoid being a victim of these scams by being wary of job titles that look spammy. 

The following can be red flags of a spammy job ad:

  • Job ads which have an all caps title.
  • Dollar sign in the job title.
  • The phrases “call today” and “make money fast” are included in the job title.
  • Anything that sounds too good to be true (such as make $100,000 a month with a single freelance job).

7) Only apply for jobs that indicate an email from a human being

For similar reasons, be very wary about applying for freelance jobs that require you to submit an online application form. Some job application forms are prone to scams, and can easily sift through your application or private information.

To be safe, apply for a freelance job that includes the email address of a human being. The more personal the job application process is, the faster you can expect feedback or results. 

We hope this advice is helpful, and wish you luck in finding your perfect freelance role from home with Craigslist!