Women’s leather jackets: Ageless style and fit tips for everyone

What makes a woman look ageless is not what she wears, but how she wears it. And some garments, like a well-crafted, crisp women’s leather jacket, have a timeless drawing power. 

There is no denying that the right leather jacket for women can make you look years younger. And specifically, a leather jacket from a well-reputed source like the Prime Leather Shop. Indeed, the women’s leather jacket collection by PLS can contain everything you like in your garments. 

But if you know the proper technique to ace a leather jacket look, you’ll have a powerful tool up your sleeves. And that’s precisely what this guide is all about. We’ll show you the multiple ways to style a women leather jacket chicly to look ageless. 

Top five women’s ageless leather jacket styles

1) Classic Black Leather Jacket for Added Elegance

Other brands will provide you with a simple shirt-style leather jacket in the name of a classic. But not the Prime Leather Shop. Their definition of classic is based on the classic. Their Salma H Collarless leather jacket is proof of it. It’s simple yet elegant design has all the grace in the world. 

Pair this women’s leather jacket with an A-line silhouette to make it even more elegant. The straight fit of this jacket would complement a loose skirt or dress way better than jeans or shorts. 

2) Maroon Biker Leather Jacket for Punkness

A shiny women leather jacket often has a scorching effect on people. But to double this effect, you need a well-designed biker leather jacket. The Katy Perry Biker women leather jacket by the Prime Leather Shop is a wonder. Its dark silver detailing goes beautifully with the maroon leather finish. 

To wear this leather jacket in a youthful way, pair it with a bodycon. A black bodycon can make you look leaner and prettier, while this maroon women leather jacket adds a dash of color to the fit. The combination of black and maroon leather is genuinely divine. 

3) Camel Shearling Leather Jacket for Warmth

A women leather jacket is a must-have in winter not only because of its hardcore insulation but also because of society’s pressure. And if you have to give into society’s pressure, we recommend you do it with a bang by wearing the Demi Lovato shearling jacket by PLS. The Demi Lovato jacket is sheer goodness, warm and rich, like caramel. 

Wear this women leather jacket with a monochromatic white outfit to imitate old money. Just a white high-neck tucked inside the white straight pants. Aesthetic is the word to describe this outfit. 

4) Burgundy Bomber Leather Jacket for Chicness 

What could be better than a burgundy bomber leather jacket? The Sandra Bullock leather jacket is ten times better than your regular burgundy bomber leather jacket. It is a best-selling article of the Prime Leather Shop, and we can’t argue why. This jacket is like the flag-bearer of comfortable women’s wear.

To make it the focal point of your attire, wear a fuzzy violet sweater with a closed neck and dark-wash denim. Skin-fit denim jeans are the right fit for this attire, as the bomber jacket and fuzzy sweater are already voluminous. 

5) Red Blazer Leather Jacket for Fiery Fits

There are so many ways to pull off business-casual attire. But if you wish to do it agelessly, add passion to the fit. This passion could be in the form of a vibrant Jennifer L. leather blazer jacket. 

We know a red leather blazer doesn’t sound right to the ear, but pair it with the right garments, and you’ll create a masterpiece. All you need is a light-gray button-down with a dark gray midi pencil skirt. The color combination is spot-on, but more than that, the mix of semi-formal and chic is iconic.

Five styling tips for women’s leather jackets

  • Don’t wear a skin-fit leather jacket women with a skin-fit attire.
  • Focus on the silhouettes and make sure they compliment the cut and fit of the leather jacket women.
  • Don’t wear garments that are the same color as your leather jacket women. 
  • Leather jackets can be tough to wear, so ensure your other garments are comfortable. 
  • Pick the right color of leather jacket women according to the season. 

Frequently asked questions 

Can a 60-year-old woman wear a leather jacket?

Absolutely yes! A 60-year-old can wear a women leather jacket but not necessarily a biker or racer jacket. Classic women’s leather jackets are a much better fit for women because of their sobriety. 

How should I wear a leather jacket over 50?

If you’re 50 years old, there are multiple ways for you to wear a leather jacket for women. The best way is with a regular shirt and linen pants. The button-down and straight pants look graceful, while the brown leather jacket adds a hint of charm, most appropriate for a 50-year-old. 

How should a leather jacket fit a woman? 

A leather jacket should fit a woman with just the right snugness – nothing too tight or boxy will do. Androgynous-looking leather jackets don’t suit every woman, so you should avoid such fits.