Women leaders: Meet Ishveen Jolly, a woman CEO in the sports marketing world

Today, we have an exclusive interview with Ishveen Jolly, the trailblazing female entrepreneur who’s making waves in the sports marketing industry.

As the visionary founder of OpenSponsorship, Ishveen is transforming the sponsorship landscape, making it a breeze for companies to find the perfect ambassadors for their marketing dreams.

Let’s dive right into Ishveen’s incredible journey, her insights on influencer marketing, and the dazzling future of OpenSponsorship as she keeps rocking the sports sponsorship world. Get ready to be inspired!

Ishveen, what inspired you to dive headfirst into the sports sponsorship industry and create OpenSponsorship?

Oh, it was a true “aha” moment! I had a brilliant idea – I was fascinated by cross-border deals and the magic “why” behind them.

And then, in my everyday life, using tech platforms like LinkedIn, Uber, Airbnb, I had an epiphany: “Why isn’t there a marketplace for the mind-boggling $60 billion sponsorship industry?” And voila, OpenSponsorship was born, igniting a trailblazing revolution in the sports marketing world!

What were some of the thrilling challenges you faced while launching OpenSponsorship, and how did you triumph over them?

One massive hurdle was finding the perfect technical partner. I hustled and tried a few times before finding my incredible co-founder, Ron Nesbitt! Teamwork makes the dream work, right? And then came the exhilarating fundraising adventures, with support from the awesome 500 startups accelerator.

Oh, and did we mention the daring transformation into a fully remote company due to the legendary COVID?

Can you share a remarkable milestone or breakthrough that sent shockwaves through the growth of OpenSponsorship?

In December 2021, OpenSponsorship struck pure gold! The incredible fundraise was completed, and guess who hopped onboard? None other than the iconic Serena Williams! And if that wasn’t enough, the same year saw Walmart joining forces with OpenSponsorship.

How has OpenSponsorship evolved since its inception, and what strategies have you used to stay ahead in the market?

One of the sizzling strategies was embracing the incredible world of influencer marketing. At first, not everyone in the sports industry was onboard, but my instincts revealed that influencer marketers were the real deal! So, OpenSponsorship adopted this super-hot language and claimed its spotlight in the industry.

Another game-changer was the fabulous growth of our account management team. With a rock-solid tech platform, they knew brands, athletes, and agencies deserved top-notch expertise and support!

What are the benefits that brands and athletes can expect when partnering with OpenSponsorship?

OpenSponsorship brings the hottest athletes to the table, with over 17,000 stars dazzling the sports world. And signing up is easy and free for athletes. Plus, when they strike those legendary deals, it’s a no-risk revenue source for them.

OpenSponsorship takes pride in signing the coolest brands that athletes genuinely want to work with. Talk about a match made in heaven!

How does OpenSponsorship ensure that athletes shine like the superstars they are on the platform?

OpenSponsorship has a whole set of dazzling checks in place when the athletes sign up. And the most magical way they ensure quality and credibility is by keeping the money in escrow.

This means that the brand pays, and the athlete receives their well-deserved cash only when the deal is 100% complete and totally accurate.

What are some of OpenSponsorship’s biggest brand-athlete partnership success stories?

OpenSponsorship has rocked over 10,000 deals to date, with athletes representing a dazzling array of over 40 sports from all corners of the globe (the US is the hot spot). Big names include Venus Williams and Stitchfix, Jamal Adams and Walmart, Tony Finau and AIG, Luis Nani and Betx. These partnerships are pure dynamite, setting the sports world ablaze!

What advice do you have for all those aspiring entrepreneurs eager to make their mark in the sports industry?

Make sure your idea is THE ONE! You’ve got to give the people what they want, so make sure they’re ready to pay for it! The sports industry may be a thrilling challenge, but with the right idea, nothing can stop you from shining like the superstar you are!

What would you like to be remembered?

Get ready to be swept off your feet by the incredible Ishveen Jolly and her legendary OpenSponsorship! She’s a trailblazing genius, igniting the sports marketing world with her passion for connecting brands with athletes and influencers.

Her unstoppable journey has revolutionized sponsorship dynamics, opening new doors for aspiring talents to dazzle in the spotlight! With Ishveen at the helm, the future of OpenSponsorship is a dazzling journey of brands and influencers uniting to conquer the sports marketing universe!