Why your New Year resolution in 2021 needs to be to spend more money on your business

Making New Year resolutions for 2021? Find out why ‘spending more money on my business’ needs to be one if you want to earn more from it.

When I first launched Talented Ladies Club I had a scarcity mindset when it came to investing in growth. 

I thought I should be able to grow my business myself without outside help. And if I did need any resources, I thought I was clever in searching for free options. 

I rejected expensive software options, and skimped with inferior free or minimal cost versions. And I didn’t invest any money in my own expertise, instead I gleaned what I could from free webinars, ebooks and blogs, and attempted to patch together the scraps of knowledge I could find. 

The money trickled in as slowly as I allowed it to trickle out

And while yes, I did save a lot of money, I also lost a LOT more. Because growth was glacier-slow, and the money trickled into Talented Ladies Club as slowly as I allowed it to trickle out.  

I missed SO many sales and growth opportunities in those early years. But everything changed one day when I saw a woman talk on stage at an event I was speaking at (in my usual style, I was only at the event because I was offered a free ticket in return for speaking…). 

I was really impressed with this woman, and realised she had exactly the knowledge I needed in Talented Ladies Club. So I contacted her afterwards and we met for a coffee to discuss her coaching packages. 

Over coffee she asked me pertinent questions about where I wanted Talented Ladies Club to go, and what was stopping me. Within five minutes I was convinced she was the right woman to help my business grow. 

And then she told me how much it cost to work with her. 

I was shocked. Talented Ladies Club was barely turning over her monthly fee each month at that time. But I knew that I needed her if I was serious about making the business work. 

So I bit the bullet and hired her. 

Within six months our turnover had doubled – and has risen ever since

Luckily I am careful with money, and the business had enough saved up to pay her for a few months. But the investment would need to start paying off quite quickly in order to continue. 

And it did. Within six months, our monthly turnover had doubled, and it has continued increasing dramatically ever since. 

My experience with this coach didn’t just change our finances, it transformed my mindset. I realised that if I wanted my business to thrive, I needed to invest in it. 

I needed to buy the resources it needed – whatever they cost. But that doesn’t mean I simply spent with abandon. It’s important to invest wisely. Every investment I make in my business is carefully considered. I look at the cost, the time it will save me, and the potential return on investment it can deliver. 

Today, I invest FOUR TIMES what Talented Ladies Club was turning over three years ago every month in people, software and coaching. But my turnover and profit margin are both much higher than they were three years ago too. 

So I am making much, much more money. And this is only possibly because I SPEND money. 

Had I not spent money I wouldn’t be earning it now

Had I not taken a leap of faith and hired a coach my business could barely afford all those years ago I know for absolute certainty I wouldn’t be earning what I do now. Talented Ladies Club would probably still be scraping by. 

Why am I telling you this now? Because there’s a good chance that you are now where I was then. You might be unintentionally keeping your business small too thanks to a scarcity mindset. 

Like me you might be too scared to spend money on a business that’s not yet making you very much. Or you might believe – again like me – that you can ‘cleverly’ beat the system by finding what you need for free. 

But I can tell you that the only thing that happens when you try to do things the cheap way is that you stay poor. 

In order to unlock the profit potential in Talented Ladies Club I had to spend money on the right people and tools. That investment has repaid the business dozens of times over, and continues to do so. 

I now help other entrepreneurs and freelancers do the same

And I now work with other small business owners and freelancers and show them how to unlock the profit potential in their businesses. 

Here are just some of the results I have helped people achieve:

  • I helped Amanda Overend triple her online sales while working LESS
  • I helped Kayleigh Fawcett-Williams make over £10,600 in course sales in a month
  • I helped Laura Harmsworth increase her prices – and get MORE clients
  • I helped Kerry Coleman increase her profits by 240% in a few months

All of these women achieved these spectacular results (and have continued to build on them since) after investing in working with me. Had they not taken that leap of faith and spent money, they may well have been stuck, still struggling with their businesses now. 

I’m not telling you this because I want you to work with me (though you’re very welcome to join our courses or apply to work with me when applications are open). I’m telling you because I want to demonstrate the power of spending money in the right places.

Let your New Year resolution be to invest in your business – and watch it grow

So if you’re struggling to work out why your business or freelance career isn’t taking off in the way you wanted, consider what it needs that you aren’t investing in. Is there a tool or resource that can help you? A book or course you want to buy? A masterclass you’re keen to watch?

Or is there someone you want to work with, but are scared to make the leap? (But please, if you are looking for someone to work with, avoid the six-figure con coaches!)

Make your New Year resolution this year to invest in your business and finally help it flourish. 

Trust me, when you switch from a scarcity mindset to an abundant one, in which you trust that what you send out into the world will come back to you many times over, magic can happen. I’m proof of that!

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