Why your business can’t afford NOT to be podcasting

When was the last time you hosted a podcast show on iTunes? The chances are your answer is probably ‘never’. However, for an increasing number of businesses and freelancers around the world, podcasting represents an unrivalled opportunity to grow their reputation and reach up to 500 million people.

Jenny Brewster from The Podcasting Academy explains exactly what podcasting is, and why you can’t afford not to be promoting your business or freelance expertise on iTunes.

What is podcasting?

If you’re not really sure what podcasting is, you’re not alone. But it’s really a very simple idea – you create a voice broadcast and upload it to iTunes. Think of it like making a YouTube video, without the picture.

If you want to find out more, and get an idea of what kind of content works, browse the selection and listen to a few yourself. Simply go to iTunes on your computer, iPad or mobile, and you’ll find a wide range of shows on a myriad of different topics.

Why is podcasting an unmissable business opportunity?

Recording and sharing your expertise online is nothing new. People have been doing it for years on YouTube. So what makes podcasting such a brilliant business opportunity?

The answer, quite simply, is because not many people have caught onto it yet. And unlike YouTube where your videos are battling with thousands of competitors all saying and selling similar things, your podcasts have a really good chance of attracting the right attention on iTunes.

In fact, podcasting is so hot right now that industry experts all over the world have been raving about using it in their businesses, and praising the results they’re generating from their podcasts. As Michael Stelzener, the CEO of Social Media Examiner says, ‘Podcasting… is the HOTTEST thing in 2013. Period!’

How can podcasting help your business or freelance career?

Podcasting is a fantastic way to get your message out and reach more people. You can:

  • Be discovered by a wider audience.
  • Become the celebrity in your niche.
  • Generate free traffic, leads and sales .
  • Create revenue streams that run on autopilot.
  • Easily create mobile content that people can tune into on the go.
  • Reach over 500 million active buyers.

Reach 500 million potential listeners – and drivers

There are over 500 million subscribers on iTunes at the moment – some consider it the Google of 1999 – which makes it a major untapped source of potential traffic for your business or freelance website.

Right now, social media is saturated, but podcasting isn’t. And that’s exactly why you should be getting into it. Your podcast shows have the potential to go on autopilot to a worldwide audience, and significantly increase your email opt-in rate.

And in even more exciting news, Sitcher Radio (through which you can listen to podcasts) is set to be installed in all new Ford cards, giving you a potential audience of millions more car drivers around the world.

Start thinking about creating your own podcasts

Your voice is the most powerful tool you have for connecting with your audience. And when you host your own show in iTunes, you automatically team up with a huge authority – a bit like having your eBook in on Amazon.

So if you’re looking for new ways to get your business or freelance message out there, and reach potential new customers, start thinking about creating your own podcasts.

You can learn more about podcasting and how to maximise its potential for your business or freelance services in Jenny’s free webinar.