Why you need to hire a CV writer through the British Association of CV Writers (BACVW)

Do you need to update your CV, or write a new one from scratch? Find out why you need to hire a CV writer through the British Association of CV Writers (BACVW).

How long do you think it takes to write a CV? Probably longer than you think (and certainly longer than 45 minutes)!

Time is one of the reasons many people hire the professional services of a CV writer (other reasons include confidence,skillsets lying elsehwere, not knowing where to start and worried about under or overselling themselves). 

If you are paying good money for your CV to be written, you don’t then expect to hear that the CV company asks their writers to complete up to 10 CVs a day (that’s approximately 45 mins per CV). Quick turnaround (and/or low price) doesn’t always mean your CV will represent you in the best possible light. 

If you want a good CV, the writer should be spending a few hours working on it, including spending time talking to you. It’s almost impossible to write an impactful, targeted CV for someone without talking to them.

So what makes a good CV?

A good CV is one that is professionally formatted, focusses on keywords, skills, and achievements relevant to the role applying to, error free and personal to you.  A good CV is not one that’s a populated generic template that could be referring to anyone. 

Your CV needs to stand out and to sound like you, with your individual skills, achievements, and personality. This takes time.

What makes a good CV writer?

A credible and professional CV writer will want to understand you and your goals, and will ask the right questions to draw out all the information required to write a stellar CV. If a CV writer doesn’t offer to speak with you at any point during the process, from initial enquiry to the final CV, see that as a red flag.

In their communication with you, does the CV writer demonstrate a strong command of the English language? Is the work formatted in a clear and consistent way, is attention to detail evident with accuracy in spelling, grammar, and punctuation?

Any CV writer worth their salt will tailor your CV to a specific role, or the type of role you are looking to apply to, and show you how to tailor it yourself for further applications.

They will be up to date on latest practices and information in the industry such as an awareness of applicant tracking systems and the impact of Open AI including ChatGPT. They’ll also provide good customer service.

Why choose a CV writer from the British Association of CV Writers?

If you choose to work on your CV with a BACVW member, you can rest assured you’ll be in good hands.

CV writers are required to complete a CV writing test to become a member of the BACVW. Upon joining, all members agree to abide by the Code of Ethics.

Members have access to knowledge and resources that are shared within the group, including monthly learning and networking sessions. This ensures members can ask questions of each other, share knowledge, and keep up to date with the industry.

Checking if a CV writer is a member of the BACVW is an excellent first step in finding a CV writer you can trust and you know will do a great job. There are of course excellent CV writers who aren’t members of the BACVW and before engaging anyone’s services (BACVW member or not), check reviews, speak with the CV writer, and trust your instinct.

If you part with your precious money and are disappointed in the result, you will have to start all over again and will have lost time in your job search.

The British Association of CV Writers makes it easier for you to find a great CV writer

The purpose of the BACVW is to make it easier for job seekers to hire a CV writer they can trust, and help improve the standards in the industry in the UK.

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