Why now is the time to start thinking about your wardrobe after lockdown

Lockdown has had a massive effect on people’s style choices. A ‘work from home outfit’ is very different from traditional office attire.

Pyjamas, sweatpants, and workout gear are now the ‘workwear’ norm for the majority of people now taking part in regular Zoom meetings. 

But with lockdown regulations lifting, now is as good a time as ever to start thinking about your post lockdown wardrobe. If fashion and style choices freak you out don’t worry. We’ll take a closer look at the future of your current wardrobe, and what to keep in mind when shopping for new clothes and accessories.

Has Zoom changed our fashion choices?

Lockdown regulations as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic have transformed Zoom into both a business and social tool. For many Zoom will continue to be a big part of our daily lives in the post coronavirus normal. Whether it is a business call with a client or virtual quiz night with friends, Zoom will stay on as a regular feature in our daily lives. 

Laptop webcams and mobile front-facing cameras normally only capture the top half of our bodies. With that being said maybe you should spend more on a new shirt, blouse or jacket collection instead of splurging money on shoes that no one will see

Time to unlock your wardrobe

Lockdown has been a very tough time for many of us, even more so for those who normally have a busy social life. If you feel like you need to breathe new life into your post COVID-19 social life then a change in style is definitely what the doctor ordered. 

A new hairstyle, a fresh wardrobe, and the opportunity to spend time with friends and family, while safely social distancing, of course, is a very exciting prospect. With a new wardrobe, you won’t just be socialising in style, it will also boost your self-confidence and morale post the lockdown. 

How to dress in style even if you work from home

For most of us, life as we know it has changed as a result of the current COVID-19 pandemic, and many companies have realised that their workforce can work from home effectively. 

If your home will be your office for the foreseeable future, your wardrobe will definitely need a change. As tempting as it might be for a day or so, realistically you can’t sit around in your pyjamas day after day. But equally, wearing a suit all day at home is most definitely overkill. 

If you’re likely to be working from home more frequently, now is the perfect time to update your social wardrobe. Instead of spending money on new work clothes, you will have the opportunity to spend more money on your personal/social wardrobe.

Your style upgrade doesn’t have to end with new clothes and shoes – remember to add accessories to your shopping list too, with Tudor watches completing the look

What’s your post-lockdown look?

Lockdown has been a very tough time for us all, and it has also had a dramatic effect on what our daily lives will look like moving forward. A new wardrobe won’t just give you a boost of positivity, it might also be needed to adapt to your new lifestyle in style. So what will your post lock-down look be?