Why home working mums work an extra 24 days a year

While the perception may be that working from home is the easy option, a recent survey by video conference firm UCi2i discovered that in fact home working mums actually clock an extra 24 days’ work a year.

Home working mums are more likely to work overtime

While home working allows working mums and other employees greater flexibility in fitting work around their family needs, it also saves time on commuting, and is more likely to lead to voluntary overtime.

It also delivers better results – 94% of workers say they produce better quality work at home, thanks to the peace and quiet, less travel stress and contentment from a better work-life balance.

Despite this fact, home working is still met with suspicion and resistance from office-based colleagues, one in four of whom think that working mums and others who work from home are ‘cheating the system’. A further 84% said they felt uncomfortable when their workmates were not sitting near them.

Hopefully though, once the benefits are more widely known, more companies (and their employees) will become better aware of the benefits of home working – not just to the quality of life of working mums and the rest of their employees, but their own bottom line.