Why effective communication makes for an efficient workplace

It is impossible to come up with an exact formula for business success. Indeed, if it was possible then we’d all be millionaires.

But there are some things that we know are vital elements of a successful business, things that you need to have if you want to grow a profitable, well-respected company.

And one of these essential elements is good communication. In this article we’ll look at why is this, and share tips to help you achieve it.

Good communication enhances diversity

Too many business owners make a mistake of believing that the ‘perfect team’ consists of their favorite employee multiplied several times. However this couldn’t be further from the truth.

In fact, a truly great team is comprised of people with a range of different talents and experience. Otherwise you’d end up with a group of people who all excelled at the same skill… but also had the same flaws. So the key to building an efficient team lies in diversity. 

Unfortunately though, diversity has its drawbacks too. Because when two individuals have different strengths, these differences seldom come alone. This makes it impossible for team members to make a proper assumption about intentions, plans, and goals of others.

In fact, a lack of communication skills exacerbates these challenges. It’s crucial for workplaces to address this issue head-on. Check out this insightful article on the consequences of a lack of communication in the workplace to understand how effective communication fosters an efficient workplace.

The solution to this is quite simple; it lies in open and direct communication. The most important role of a manager in this situation would be to explain to each and every one person on the team that if they want others to understand them, they need to tell them exactly what is on their mind.

How to innovate communication

The most important thing you need to realize is that words aren’t the only tool of communication. In a modern office, people send messages via emails and chat applications.

So the best way to enhance the way people interact is by creating a reliable intranet network. You need to make sure that communication runs smoothly. Managers also have to make sure all sensitive data is kept confidential and secure. Both of these goals offer sufficient reasons to create an internal network. 

Choose faster communications solutions

Speaking of innovative communication, it’s obvious that modern-day requirements demand modern-day solutions. Old-school phones have become a thing of the past – too many cables and a rather high bill.

If your goal is to make the entire workplace more effective, as stated before, effective communication is a must. The best way to achieve this efficacy, aside from the intranet network between in-house departments, a fast and reliable VoIP phone system is a godsend when it comes to smooth communication with clients and contacts outside of your workplace.

Your team can also call, text, chat, initiate video calls, and even check virtual voicemail and fax from a single cloud PBX communication platform. Making and receiving calls and texts through an app on your phone and/or computer is only going to facilitate the overall productivity within the office.

Communicate to motivate

In a corporate world, there is a common misconception that information goes only one way – bottom up. In other words, too much attention is given to the monitoring role of a manager.

Still, a proper administrator should always send useful feedback. This means pointing towards errors made in a constructive (non-judgmental) way, but also making notice of a job well done. You would be surprised just how much can a word of encouragement mean to people on your team.

In case you are preparing for a managerial role or simply want to develop better working relationships with your colleagues and employees, improving your communication skills will certainly help you delegate tasks confidently and assert yourself as a valuable team member and leader.

Participating in courses such as communication training by Clear Communication Academy can help you gain interpersonal skills and enhance your ability to motivate and influence in your workplace.

Good communication builds a sense of community

In the past, a stereotypical office layout was the one with the cubicle system. Today, most workplaces tend to open tup heir offices, but is this really enough?

With the pace set by the modern work environment, people seldom peel their eyes away from their monitor. Because of this, they sometimes can’t even tell the difference between being in a cubicle or not.

By encouraging people to communicate with each other, you give them an opportunity to connect to people around them. Needless to say, these personal connections can do wonders for the overall team building

How to avoid distractions

Although it is great for your staff to freely communicate, this can sometimes become a problem. For instance, if you have people working on different projects or tasks, there is bound to be at least some interference between them.

Fortunately, there are more than a few ways to deal with this. The first one is to encourage team members to use IM software like Skype or Facebook Messenger. Another method is organizing a seating arrangement so that people working on the same task or project form clusters within the office. 

How can you improve communication in your company?

In the end, communication on its own is not enough. You need other things as well, things like an engaging marketing strategy, a good business plan, and an honest relationship with your clients.

However, proper communication can significantly improve your team’s performance, which on its own sometimes makes the difference. So while communication may not be the ‘secret formula’ for success, it’s certainly a vital element of it.