Why DistillerSR offers better systematic reviews

Wondering how to best conduct a systemic review? Find out how they work and why DistillerSR is a useful tool.

DistillerSR is a valuable software for systematic reviews as it simplifies key steps in the methodology, making the entire review process faster and simpler while producing more transparent and accurate outputs. DistillerSR software is trusted by multiple global research organizations to produce high-quality evidence-based research with effective data and results.

What is Distiller Systematic Review?

DistillerSR is designed for use in systematic reviews – but what are systematic reviews in the first place? Known as a “study of studies,” a systematic review is a research undertaking that involves a rigorous exploration and audit of published and unpublished academic work with the aim of answering a focused research question.

This review methodology is commonly used in healthcare and education, but reviews are also occasionally used in other sociological fields, as well. The reviews are systematic and comprehensive to increase their accuracy and credibility. Your team can leverage software, such as DistillerSR, when conducting systematic reviews.

What is DistillerSR review software?

DistillerSR business software refers to a tool that operates through artificial intelligence (AI) and intelligent workflows to streamline the systematic review process.

DistillerSR is a software designed to help make the review workload more manageable and is equipped with tools that can deliver research faster and more efficiently while reducing costs. Research teams use DistillerSR to help with everything from screening and data collection to project management and article creation. 

What is the alternative to DistillerSRwhen conducting systematic reviews?

You may be able to find several alternatives to DistillerSR, such as similar software or complementary tools for completing systematic research. But for reviews, DistillerSR is still the best option because it’s tailored to provide value at every part of the review pipeline, from the search and screening to the article audit and data analysis.

Without DistillerSR the alternative is still the traditional way of doing a literature review, but this will take a lot of time and resources that could otherwise be allocated to more important matters of the project. All the data collection and review would need to be done by hand without the help of software.

How do you use DistillerSR for a project?

DistillerSR can be used for various systematic processes, and it’s particularly helpful in accomplishing some of the most tedious tasks related to reviews. For instance, you can use the software as a general project management tool because it can track everything that you’ve done and provide you with an overview of your systematic methods.

You can also use the software for your literature searches; DistillerSR has built-in connections that give you easy access to database services and records; plus, the software can keep your literature up-to-date with automatic imports of newly published work and remove any duplicate file sources.

How does DistillerSR improve the data collection and review process?

DistillerSR is also useful in screening data references. The software can help you identify screening issues faster and cross out any data conflicts, and can make sure you derive better solutions concerning your references and can increase the accuracy of your research and data outputs.

One of DistillerSR’s best tools includes full-text retrieval and data extraction. The software makes full-text data sources more available while leveraging any database subscriptions you already have. You can use it to search and extract data, as well as to clean and convert your data for better evaluation and auditing.

Finally, DistillerSR comes with reporting and auditing tools that can help you send automated updates to stakeholders about your systematic research and facilitate audits for compliant results. Because the software effectively tracks your key review processes, everything is accounted for in a comprehensive and transparent audit trail.

With the services and support offered though DistillerSR, you’ll be able to spend time on other important jobs and ensuring that the article gets completed.