Why commercial cleaning matters in hospitality businesses

Do you manage a hospitality business? Find out why commercial cleaning matters so much, and could even be vital to your success. 

When you work in hospitality, there is so much that is important. You need to ensure that you provide excellent food and drink. That any venue is appropriately and smartly designed, and is comfortable and welcoming. That your service is top-notch. And that your guests have a good time. 

While some companies do these more or less better than others, there is one aspect of hospitality that you absolutely need to nail. And that is cleanliness. 

If your hygiene is not up to standard, you’ll not only risk guests complaining and avoiding you, but you could even find your business closed down. 

In this article we explore some of the biggest reasons why you need to prioritise the cleanliness of your business, and how commercial cleaning can help. 

First impressions count

When a customer or guest enters your establishment for the first time, the impression they gain of your space matters. They’ll form an initial opinion in split seconds, and that opinion can be hard to change. Even if you spend all evening serving them the very best food and drink, with exceptional service, if their initial impression was poor, you’ll probably struggle to get a good review from them. 

And what helps to make that first impression? Whether their approach to and entrance into your venue is clean, tidy and stylish. Does the door open properly, for example, or does it catch on a curled up welcome mat? Is the floor shiny and clean, or is it sticky or gritty underfoot? 

As small as these things may seem, they go a long way to building an initial impression as to how professional your business is, and the care and attention you give to your guests. Small insights like this also give clues as to how you treat other areas of your business, areas that may not be visible to guests. 

So make sure that everyone who enters your business for the first time is greeted by a sparkling clean venue, and has a positive first impression. 

Recommendations (or warnings) matter

How many times have you visited a restaurant, diner, hotel or bar because someone has raved about it? And how many times have you avoided an establishment because someone has warned you about a bad experience there?

Recommendations are essential in the hospitality business. And at a time when everyone has instant access to social media and the internet, online reviews can make or break a company. 

So it is important that your customers and guests have a positive experience with you, and that you don’t accidentally give them anything to criticise or find wanting. And what your venue looks like plays a big part in this. 

If a customer spots dirt or mess, it won’t just give them a poor impression of how clean and tidy your venue is, they may worry what your kitchens look like. After all, if you don’t clean your front of house, you probably aren’t taking care of your kitchens either. 

This can lead them to lacking faith in the cleanliness of your business, and shake their confidence in eating or drinking there. And you can absolutely guarantee that these concerns will be voiced if they mention your business to friends and family, or share a review online. 

In short, if you don’t want to risk poor reviews and warnings to avoid your business, make sure your venue is spotlessly clean. 

Commercial cleaning companies do the job better

When you are running a business you don’t have the time or energy to give it a thorough clean at the end of each shift. And can you really rely on untrained staff to maintain your cleanliness to the required standards? 

It’s far easier to outsource your cleaning to a commercial company, such as a Fort Worth janitorial service. A professional commercial cleaning company will know the regulations you need to meet, and have a high standard of work. They’ll turn up on time and do the job properly – saving you time and giving you peace of mind. 

With a focus on quality and efficiency, commercial cleaning services in Central Indiana play a vital role in enhancing the overall image and hygiene of businesses, fostering a positive and inviting atmosphere.

Just think: no more worrying that tasks have been done. No more needing to double check the venue has been cleared to the required standards. Instead you have a company to rely on and be accountable for ensuring you are clean and ready to greet guests and customers every time you open. 

With the increasing demands of the hospitality sector, using Sweeply for hospitality managers offers an integrated solution for cleanliness and housekeeping management, simplifying the process for businesses.

Health and safety standards must be complied with

Speaking of required standards, hospitality businesses need to adhere to strict health and safety regulations. And commercial cleaning, especially when performed by professionals like Showpiece Commercial Cleaning Sydney, plays a big role in ensuring that you comply with these standards while maintaining a clean and safe workspace.

In order to prevent the spread of illnesses and ensure your guests, customers and employees can all enjoy a safe environment, you need to thoroughly clean and disinfect your common areas, guest rooms, kitchens, and dining spaces.

Not only will this reduce the risk of anyone falling ill, but you will comply with the regulations and pass inspections – all of which will enable your business to remain open. 

Health and safety is not an area to overlook or acknowledge half-heartedly; if you don’t know what you are doing (or don’t do things properly) you could see your business downgraded or even shut down. A commercial cleaning company will understand the regulations and be responsible for helping you to ensure you meet them consistently. 

You’ll have a happier team

And finally, it’s not just your customers, guests, reviewers and health and safety inspectors you need to keep happy when you run a hospitality business; your team’s opinion and morale matters too. 

A happy team will perform better, provide better service to your customers and are more likely to stick around for longer. And what contributes to a happy team? Working in a positive environment where everyone is respected and they can feel proud. 

No one will feel proud if your venue is dirty or messy. They’ll feel disheartened and embarrassed, and dread getting complaints and comments from customers. They may also worry about their own health and safety if their workplace is unsanitary, especially working around food and drink. 

So if you want to attract and retain the best staff – the kind of people who can help your business succeed – make sure that your venue is a place they will be proud to work in, and confident their health and safety is protected.