Why collecting football memorabilia is a worthy investment

If you’re going to start investing, then it makes sense to specialise in something that you’re passionate about.

For football fans, this might mean football-related memorabilia. This might mean match-worn shirts, boots, balls, programmes, trading cards, or just about everything else.

Since demand for these kinds of items is burgeoning around the world, it’s a great time to get in on the action. The right collection will provide an excellent hedge against inflation, and might appreciate significantly over time. But exactly how do you amass the right collection? Let’s take a look at a few worthy tips and tricks.

The most popular sports memorabilia

Certain items are more popular than others, and more likely to attract interest. Items associated with a particular one-off moment are likely to be valuable, especially if those moments live long in the memory of the fans who might want to put their hands in their pockets.

When it comes to shirts, we should look for popular players, who wore the shirt during significant matches. Signatures, and identifying marks that show the item as unique, will all add to the value. Some clubs are starting to ban the ‘can I have your shirt’ signs, which might make these items that little bit more difficult to come by.

Match-day boots are valuable for the same reasons, and slightly more difficult to get hold of – since the boots don’t tend to be given away as readily as the shirts. Again, an autograph will make the item more valuable.

Signed pictures and cards will fetch a good price, especially if the cards in question are rare and in good condition. Trading cards are ranked independently for condition – and the truly mint-condition ones will fetch a significant premium.

What will make you a good profit?

Naturally, you’ll want to try to pick out items that will appreciate in value as time goes on. But it’s often difficult to determine in advance what these might be. 

The best way to proceed is to build up not just a collection, but a knowledge of what makes an item valuable. That way, you’ll be able to swoop quickly whenever a bargain presents itself. Often, just a little bit of hesitation will spell the difference between nabbing that desirable item and missing out.

There are a few key determiners of value. Items that were present in famous moments, as we’ve mentioned, tend to be desirable. The condition of the item is also paramount – although in the case of worn items of clothing, like boots and shirts, a little bit of wear is to be expected.

The older the item, the more value it will tend to accumulate. It’s for this reason that football memorabilia in general is seen as a safe investment. Spread the risk over multiple items!

How to get the real thing

Being taken in by a forgery can be costly – both emotionally and financially. Items should be independently verified wherever possible.

Forgeries are unfortunately rife, especially at the lower end of the market. Replica home shirts will tend to be much cheaper than match-worn shirts – but at least you’ll be sure that yours is genuine. Look for a reputable vendor, and try to live by the maxim that if something sounds too good to be true, then it probably is.