Why a high-def webcam matters when you stream

When you’re watching your favorite streamers, you probably notice they share several things in common. For starters, webcam quality matters.

By comparing some of the top Twitch streamers, it’s easy to see that most of them focus on image quality and video quality. Alongside a good webcam, many streamers will use a live stream solution software, enabling them to record videos while they livestream.  This allows them to create content easily to use on other platforms to grow their following. This makes it easier for viewers to connect with the streamer.

Making the leap from 720p or lower to 1080p can positively impact your streams. Your webcam is a critical component of your streaming success, as well as catchy username, so it’s important to know what to look for when you’re picking one out. If you’re having difficulties with creating a good username, try twitch username checker tool here.

Here’s what you should keep in mind to find the perfect webcam. 

60fps streams can attract more viewers

If you’re going to invest money in a high-def webcam, you want to make sure it has a few key features, whether you use it for live streaming, video conferencing, or Skype calls. For starters, a high-quality webcam often prioritizes 1080p 60fps video quality. This is the best option for content creators who are looking to focus on clean video streams.

In addition, the best webcams on the market should also include uncompressed video options, which is a big plus for many streamers. This, combined with high frame rate options, enhances your live streaming and provides clearer videos for your viewers. 

Autofocus and face tracking help maintain the stream quality

Different content creators have different webcam needs. However, every streamer has likely experienced that moment when you realize your webcam hasn’t been focused on you throughout an entire stream. When you need to zoom in or adjust the brightness, it’s important that your webcam can keep up with dynamic changes. Otherwise, you could fall out of focus which can lower your stream quality, even if you’re using a 1080p webcam. 

That’s why, when you’re picking out streaming webcams, you should look for more features beyond the microphone and white balance options. Autofocus and face tracking, in particular, make it much easier for your webcam to respond to movements, adjustments and repositioning dynamically.

Face-tracking webcams and streaming solutions can recognize a user’s face and then track it to help maintain unbroken focus. This is the best option if you want to maintain your stream quality for longer periods of time or if you’re prone to moving around while you’re streaming or recording. 

Look for low-light compatibility

Sometimes, you can’t always control whether or not you have good light. Of course, this can impact the quality of the video, offset your white balance, and impact the stream’s brightness.

However, you don’t even need to buy an expensive webcam to get better quality low-light options, white balance correction, and reactive adjustments. It’s beneficial if you pick a webcam that has a built-in light sensor. The light sensor can automatically detect the surrounding light conditions and adjust the white balance and brightness.

This is particularly useful when you’re streaming at 1080p resolution, or you have a wide-FOV webcam. Automatic brightness and white balance options are critical, especially if you’re unfamiliar with manually adjusting the white balance or calibrating your video.

Though these are important skills to master for any streamer, it’s also helpful if a high-def webcam can do some of the heavy lifting on your behalf. It makes for a smoother streaming experience that benefits you and your viewers. 

Don’t hesitate to shop around

While there are plenty of big names like Logitech and Razer Kiyo on the market, you can also look for other brands, deals, and promotions when you’re getting ready to buy a streaming webcam. In fact, it’s best if you add a few items to your list so you can effectively compare them and make the best possible choice. With a high-definition webcam, it’s that much easier for you to set up successful streams.