Why a health and fitness career makes a lot of sense right now

Looking for a new career direction? Find out why health and fitness makes a lot of sense right now.

If you’re thinking of changing career, it can be tricky trying to narrow down exactly what sector to move into. So we’ve got a suggestion for you: health and fitness.

Health and fitness is an industry that will always be important – after all we will always need to take good care of our health. But right now, with a global pandemic, it’s never been more in demand.

So, if you’re considering a new job or a fresh start in your career, here are three reasons why it might pay to look into health and fitness.

1) It’s a thriving industry

The health and fitness sector has been booming for many years now and for good reason – it’s something that a lot of people care about as it’s directly linked to our overall wellbeing.

Many people want to get fit and live healthier lives, and improve their quality of life as a result. And this has been emphasised with the global pandemic.

There’s a much bigger focus on health and fitness today than there was just a year ago. We appreciate that we can’t take our health for granted, and that we need to stay fit to fight off disease and infections. All of this means you’re entering a career in an industry with a high demand for jobs and services.

This also means that there are a variety of educational opportunities when it comes to training for these jobs, from degrees that can take years of study, to courses like this Corexcel anatomy and physiology course, which can be done at your own pace and is suitable for those at the very beginning of their venture into the health and fitness industry. 

2) There are so many routes you can go down

In some sectors your career path is very narrow, with few ways to branch out and do something different. This can sometimes lead to boredom and dissatisfaction.

But with a health and fitness career, you’ve got endless avenues to go down. You can take a nutrition course to become a nutritionist, you could study to be a personal trainer, or you can become a massage therapist. You’ve got three examples right there, with so many more to choose from as well. 

It could be argued that jobs in nursing and healthcare fall into this category tool. After all, they both target your health. This opens up even more possibilities and shows that you have many options when working in this sector. 

3) You can make the most of freelance and full-time opportunities

Lastly, health and fitness careers offer freelance and full-time opportunities, giving you more flexibility to choose how you work.

If you want, you can have a career in a full-time job with plenty of excellent benefits. A great example of this is working as a chiropractor for a health institute. You’re paid a set wage with benefits every month.

Alternatively, you could be a freelance personal trainer who sets their own rates. There’s no glass ceiling, meaning you can earn as much as you want and work as often as you like.

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Could a career in health and fitness be right for you?

If you’re interested in health and fitness, there’s never been a better time to investigate the potential opportunities for you. It’s an industry that offers a wide range of different careers and opportunities, and can be flexibly built around your lifestyle. It’s also a booming sector with unlimited growth opportunities.

Photo by Eneko Uruñuela