Which type of digital marketing strategy works best for you?

With so many digital marketing different strategies to choose from, how can you work out which one is best for you?

Only a few years ago, many businesses shunned the idea of investing in digital marketing. However, over time, digital marketing has seen a significant rise.

Today, many businesses are pushing most of their marketing into the digital space. In fact, most marketers spend about 75% of the marketing budget on digital marketing. And it’s easy to see why: digital marketing is relatively much cheaper to run than traditional advertising, and you can easily track your efforts.

However, before you jump on the digital marketing bandwagon, you need to correctly identify which kind best suits your company and the products you are offering. Otherwise, you might completely miss your target audience.


Pay-Per-Click or PPC is a type of digital advertising that you can find on search engines like Google. It is one of the best ways to move your website to the top of search engine results.

The reason behind its name, PPC, is that your ad is charged each time a user or potential customer clicks on it. The cost is mainly determined by the quality of your website and how competitive your keyword is. Marketers tend to use PPC for short-term campaigns, such as promos or deals, to boost sales. 

At first glance, many people shy away from the endless possibilities that Google ads can provide, but one of the best things you can do is invest time learning how to manage these with Google Ads Training Videos. Another great option is hiring a digital marketing agency with PPC specialists like Digivate so they take care of your pay-per-click activity and ensure that you achieve your commercial objectives.

Content marketing

Content marketing slightly varies from typical digital marketing and does not involve direct marketing services or products. Instead, it focuses primarily on coming up with rich content for users.

Business websites create blogs and other media that contain related information about your business. It gives your business and even your website a personality, giving customers the chance to communicate with you and share their views.

So, while you might not be directly selling to them, you are still promoting your brand. This strategy will help you if you are looking to build and maintain your customer base.

You can tailor your content based on your customers’ interests and information. It’s worth considering the fact that this can be quite alien if you’ve never done it before, which is why it’s recommended to receive consultation from an experienced marketing team that can help you develop comprehensive digital marketing solutions that are applicable to your area of business and will generate more engagement in the long term.

SEO marketing

Search Engine Optimization or SEO marketing helps to optimize your business on search engines like Google. It mainly involves getting your website up the web rankings, making your website more visible to your current and new customers.

The goal of SEO is to get your page in the top three spots. People barely click the second page of search engines, so it must be your priority to get your web page on the first page.

For many businesses it can be best to hire the services of an SEO company, like Riordan SEO. Building your website ranking takes time, so it might take a while to see results. Consider SEO marketing as a long-term investment; if you are looking for something short-term or temporary, it might not be for you. 

Social media marketing

As the name suggests, social media marketing involves advertising your business on social media. The most popular social media site is Facebook, which has over a billion users worldwide. However, there are several other social media sites like Instagram and Twitter. 

Social media marketing is an excellent strategy to adopt, especially if you need to grow your following and reach out to new customers. You do not necessarily have to be on every popular social network.

Instead, consider your target audience and where you might potentially find them. For example, if your primary market is other businesses, you have better chances of reaching them on LinkedIn.

This type of digital marketing can either be long or short-term, and you can run ads or campaigns for as long as you want. However, that could quickly drive up your costs. 

Influencer or affiliate marketing

Influencer marketing helps you market your products by using people who carry a lot of ‘influence’ over social networking sites. Over the past few years, this kind of digital marketing has grown massively popular, especially on YouTube and Instagram. Influencers will advertise your products by arranging special promos and giveaways for their audience to generate buzz around your product. 

With this digital marketing approach, you need to exercise caution when finding your brand’s right influencer. You can reach out to them via social media or recommendations.

Most influencers will usually demand a part payment or some commission from sales made. Then they will provide relevant content to promote your brand.

It is best to use influencer or affiliate marketing for short-term campaigns, mostly because if an influencer continues to push your brand over a long period, their audience might grow tired of their channel. 

Radio marketing

You might be scratching your head and wondering what radio marketing is doing on this list because it is regarded as traditional media. But these days, you can find radio stations on digital platforms, so it falls into the digital marketing category.

You can use radio stations to send your information to many people in different locations at the same time! Music streaming applications like Spotify allow you to advertise to its users based on their demographics and other relevant information they share with the application. It is also the perfect place for a musician to buy Spotify plays and grow their following.

Radio marketing is excellent for short to medium-term campaigns and can be played in between popular radio shows that align with what product and service you have to offer. 

Viral marketing

Viral marketing can be risky, but it can be a fantastic digital marketing strategy when done well. Most companies would collaborate with a famous influencer or content creator and create something designed to be funny or controversial.

The whole point of this kind of digital marketing is to get people sharing and talking. Viral marketing can be potentially useful for businesses, but before you decide on this option, ensure that you research the market and competitive intelligence on what past companies have done and which ones failed and worked.

Viral marketing is short-term and used sparingly, so do not make that your primary marketing strategy. 

Digital marketing is here to stay, so, you need to make the most out of it as a business. But, before you do so, you need to understand the different kinds out there to help you strengthen your strategy.

Photo by Marvin Meyer