Five reasons why you need to reinvent your digital marketing strategy

Marketing is the backbone of every profitable business. And the backbone of marketing today is digital marketing.

We are living in the age of digitization. Almost everyone owns a smartphone, people are interconnected by social media, and customers are shopping online more often than they do in physical stores.

All of which means that virtually every business today needs a digital marketing strategy to reach and convert new and existing customs online.

Perhaps you already have some kind of strategy in place (even if your ‘strategy’ is merely being online in some shape or form, and having a go at social media). But is it REALLY working for you? And if not, what specifically should you look at to make improvements?

Marketers are changing tack every few months as digital platforms change their algorithms and as new platforms emerge, so you need to eep your finger on the pulse of digital marketing.

To give you an example of how quickly things can change, just a few months ago, no one thought that TikTok would be as popular as it is today, or that influencers and brands would be competing to get TikTok views. And who could product that so many millennials would abandon Instagram for Snapchat?

That’s why it’s important to not just plan and implement your digital marketing strategy, but to check that it’s still working for you on a regular basis.

To help you, here are five reasons why you need to reinvent your digital marketing strategy, and what to look at when you do.

1) You’re doing the same as your competitors

How unique is your digital marketing strategy? Is it something you’ve planned yourself, based on proper market research and a solid understanding of how marketing and sales funnels work?

Or are you just guessing? Are you putting out disconnected content with no idea of where it sits in your customer journey, let alone what results you’re hoping for it? Is your marketing strategy best described as ‘cross your fingers and hope for the best’?

Or are you creating a poor copy of a competitor’s marketing strategy? Have you simply checked out what they’re up to and come up with your own version? Is your marketing, as a result, virtually indiscernible from your competitors’ strategies – making it impossible for customers to see a real point of difference in your offering?

If you want to stand out and grow your market share, you need clever digital marketing strategies that are unique to your business. And you need toters, review and revise these strategies regularly to ensure they’re still relevant. working and haven’t been widely adopted.

2) You’re not reaching a global audience

Digital marketplaces are accessible to a global audience, unlike traditional marketing methods that often limit your marketing options to your domestic market. You now can chat with international customers, make sales, and receive payments, all without booking an air ticket.

To fully use the power of digital marketing for your business, you have to make your digital content friendly to as many people as possible. If all your social media posts and website posts are in your native language, you need to localize as much of that content as you can for multiple audiences.

And don’t just translate the content using Google Translator; hire the services of professional translation services.

3) You’re not engaging with your audience

Maybe your current digital strategies have created a strong brand name across audiences, but are they really engaging with your audience?

Many companies damage their digital growth opportunities by pushing their products too hard, and forgetting about customer experience and satisfaction.

So don’t just focus on broadcasting your marketing messages. You need to LISTEN more than you speak. Show customers you are genuinely interested in their problems and care about solving them. Be open to learning – this will keep both your marketing and your offering relevant.

Remember the ‘social’ in social media and engage like a human being rather than an automated content machine. Provide value to your audience and contribute value to the platforms you’re on. By doing this you’ll help to grow your brand AND keep your customers happy. A win-win for everyone.

4) You’re not getting enough traffic

Are you getting new traffic on your website? You should be if your social media and digital marketing strategies are working as they should.

A successful digital marketing strategy will get social users to click through to your website. The more traffic you generate from digital platforms, the higher your search rank on Google and other search engines will be, and the more visible your products will be to new audiences. More traffic also means more conversions and referrals.

If none of that is happening, then you need to rework your top of the funnel strategy to discover the audiences and demographics that are interested in your products, what they need, and the best ways to appeal to them.

Then create the right content to get people sharing around their digital spaces – and clicking onto your website.

5) You don’t have a great online reputation

You can gain valuable feedback and insights from social media and other digital spaces, insights that you can use to manage your online reputation.

Remember that the survival of your business is dependent on the image people form of it online. So if you’re not currently taking advantage of social proof and testimonials from loyal consumers, then get some and share them. And make sure you have a system for handing any negative reviews or complaints online.

Is your digital marketing strategy working?

You will tell if your current digital marketing strategy is working. If it is, you’ll be appealing to new audiences, getting more traffic, and making reasonable conversions. If not, we suggest you take stapes to change it.

Photo by Sincerely Media