Which one are you? Five common vaper types that are shaping the industry

Are you a vaper? Discover the five most common types of vaping fans – and see which description bast fits you!

With the vaping community becoming more widespread with every passing year, new types of vapers are emerging. Some may have started out looking for a healthier alternative to cigarettes, while others actively chose to start vaping, for vaping’s sake.

Based on their diverse interests, we have created a list of five common vaper types that have shaped the vaping industry. Which category do you belong to?

1) The pragmatist

This is a more casual vaper type that has a rather pragmatic approach to e-cigarettes. To them, vaping is not a hobby but a tool. A pragmatist is often a former smoker who wants to kick the bad habit, and they see vaping as a more health-conscious alternative to smoking.

The pragmatist treats e-cigs as a smokeless replacement for tobacco products, which is what they were essentially designed to be. They put function over form, often opting for devices that are simple, plain, and easy to carry around, something they can just grab and go, and they’ll usually use ones that are cheap and disposable.

More often than not, their ultimate goal is to quit both smoking and vaping. Pragmatists will often keep things low-key, vaping when they feel like it and often coming and going. They often get their hands on disposable Vice Vapes that are a quick and easy go-to for any occasion and don’t require too much maintenance. This ensures that they only take a small amount at a time without committing to any long-term vaping habits.

2) The tinkerer

Unlike the casual, pragmatist vaper type, the tinkerer is very passionate about vaping. To them, it is more of a hobby, and they will often treat their flum vape devices (and their likes) as canvases that they can use to express themselves, often modifying them and turning them into little works of art. You will never catch them with a basic-looking device – they just won’t settle for it.

They love everything that allows them to experiment with their devices, including mods, builds, tanks, atomizers, liquids, and coils. If there is a new e-cig component coming out, they are the first ones to test it out. Because this hobby is so addictive, tinkerers are often seen as borderline hoarders thanks to the large collections of e-cigarette parts that they often amass as a result of their passion for vaping.

3) The flavor chaser

Hedonists and e-liquid connoisseurs, flavor chasers on vape pens are all about that taste. To them, the whole point of vaping is to come up with the most delicious, flavorful vapor they possibly can while making sure that it’s smooth and pure. In their chase for the most flavorful tobacco-free vape experience, they will try e-liquids from both indie brands and larger ones.

Because they like to experiment so often, flavor chasers could definitely benefit from using disposable models that are replaced once they run out of e-liquid. Lightweight, compact, and easy to use, the best disposable vape pen model is leak-proof, maintenance-free, and they come in a wide range of delectable flavors.

This makes them ideal for flavor chasers who are always on the lookout for the next best tang. Will it be Pineapple Ice, Lemon Tart, or Strawberry Banana? It’s up to you!

4) The mixologist

Like flavor chasers, this vaper type appreciates a great e-liquid flavor and loves experimenting with different aromas. What makes them different is the fact that they prefer to make their own vape juices instead of relying on pre-made ones.

This is mostly because they have already tried practically every e-liquid on the market and now, they want to take the DIY route, explore their creativity, and see what flavor combination they can come up with.

Aside from offering endless flavor opportunities, DIY vape juices also give you greater control over your vaping experience. This means you can easily modify your e-liquids to fit your needs, whether that means getting a better throat hit, creating thicker vapor clouds, or enhancing a certain flavor to create the most mouth-watering e-liquid flavor combo.

5) The trickster

Unlike flavor chasers and mixologists, tricksters aren’t in it for the pure, hedonist enjoyment of delicious e-liquid aromas. Instead of focusing on the magic of creating amazing DIY concoctions and combinations, tricksters get a thrill out of impressing others with their amazing vapor-blowing techniques.

Always in the search for bigger, thicker clouds, the trickster will often tinker with the devices, and they will always look for new vape tricks and skills that they can learn, from the ghost hit and French inhale to the jellyfish and the dragon. Work on your skills, flex them, post them online, and take a stab at becoming Instagram-famous.

What type of vaper are you?

As you become more involved in the vaping subculture, you will run into individuals with all the different types of backgrounds, and it is this diversity that makes the vaping community so exciting and interesting. And although their vaping-related interests may vary, there is one thing that all types of vapers share – the love for all things vape.