Which country should you choose for your African safari? Here’s what you need to know!

Your South Africa safari tour will become meaningful and exciting only when you visit at the right time.

Deciding when to go depends on the country you want to explore. If you have a flexible plan, you can take your pick from several African safaris in different countries. However, your choice is limited if you plan to travel for a specific month.

In this article we share a list of popular safari countries in Africa, along with the details about the best time to visit.


  • Best weather June to October.
  • June and July They become a part of the Great Migration in the Serengeti.


  • Best weather June to October.
  • July to October You can see the wildebeest migration in the Masai Mara.

Okavango Delta, South Africa

  • Best weather April to May and September to October.
  • May to September (Dry Season) It is ideal to check out the wildlife.
  • October to April Bird migration takes place during this time.


  • Best weather April and May.
  • May to September Best time to visit and investigate the wildlife.


  • Best weather June to July and January to February.
  • June to August and December to February are the best times for gorilla trekking.


  • Best weather June to August
  • October to May Best time for chimpanzee trekking


  • Best weather April and May.
  • October to April Bird migration takes place during this time.


  • Best weather April, May and September
  • May to October Best time for wildlife game viewing.


  • Best weather April, May and September
  • May to October Best time for wildlife game viewing

Five African safari tips

To make your safari trip more exciting and memorable, we have listed five excellent tips.

1) Travel light and bright

Like any other trip, everything depends on what you pack for the journey. Since it will be a safari trip, you must pack a light. No point carrying heavy luggage with you. Since the weather will be warmer, it is best to pack in light and breezy clothes to keep you cool and feel fresh for longer.

2) Wear your khakis

Remember to carry your khakis. They not only look good but are an essential travel dress code, especially when you have opted for a safari trip. 

3) Choose quality over quantity

When it comes to your African safari trip opt for quality over quantity. Instead of selecting multiple destinations, we recommend you choose a specific destination and spend quality time there. Various camps and tents are available to spend a night or two. Check out safari.com to find out what exciting options are available. 

4) Go off the beaten track

While spotting the “Big Five” is on most people’s bucket lists, do not forget to explore all aspects of the wilderness. For example, Southern Tanzia has a mesmerizing trove of both flora and fauna.

5) Be in the moment

Remember to live in the moment. In the middle of a jungle, you must appreciate nature and all its creations. Disconnect from the digital world and connect with Mother Nature. You will not regret it, trust us!

Start planning your African safari tour

What are you waiting for? Contact a reliable service provider who can help you plan your African safari tour. They should also make arrangements for your stay and sightseeing. Booking everything in advance is advisable, as it helps avoid last-minute rushes.