Where to sell a broken car

Any one who drives could have a car accident – however careful you may be. It may not even be your fault.

If you are unlucky enough to be involved in an accident, there’s a significant chance that your car will be damaged, and possibly put off the road for good. Even if it requires minor repairs, many people simply cannot afford to fix it, and chose instead to sell their car.

However, this isn’t always easy, because it can be difficult to find a buyer for a used, damaged, or partially broken car. However, there is one interesting alternative, the JunkCarsUS service, which directly tells its customers – we buy junk cars in Tulsa.

How to profitably sell a broken car: is it worth repairing?

So, we are not talking about the damage that requires light cosmetic repairs. Usually, no one tries to sell their car for this reason. In other situations, the question is, is it profitable to repair the car or is it better to sell it as is?

Experts advise to get rid of the car with no down payment if you don’t have covered storage or time/money to fix it. Street storage is dangerous, and delaying repairs can worsen the condition of the vehicle.

Also, calculate how much the restoration may cost. Experienced motorists give a valuable recommendation on how to profitably sell a broken car: repair costs should not exceed 35% of the car’s value.

Make sure you consider that the buyer will haggle. Therefore, add another 5% to the cost, which you are willing to drop for the sake of a loyal customer.

Buying used cars

There are more and more companies like JunkCarsUS on the market and their offer is very broad. Car purchases refer to buybacks of nearly new and functional cars, as well as damaged cars. The company is also interested in a completely wrecked car, then the employee will come to you by his own vehicle and pick up your car, and you, as a customer, will not incur any additional costs.

These companies cooperate both with private individuals and with companies from which they buy an entire fleet. Companies like these primarily list taxis, shipping, transportation, and construction companies, and also cooperate with limousines and car rental agencies.

For these purposes, the car purchase agreement is quick and efficient. Companies respect their customers’ time, so they limit all formalities to one meeting. It lasts about half an hour, during which the car is inspected, the price is determined, as well as the signing of the sales contract and the transfer of money to the seller.

If, in turn, the client prefers to receive money in the account, he also has this option. The transfer is usually made within a few working days.

How to sell a used car on the go: Should you spend money on an appraiser?

So how can you properly sell a car after an accident? Follow a clear plan: do not ignore the machine evaluation service, perform pre-sale preparation, and make a good advertisement.

Finding a buyer is the most important difficulty. And if we are talking about a damaged vehicle, even if it is on the move, the task becomes even more complicated. Most likely, the owner will not be able to convince the buyer that the ad shows all the damage and there are no hidden defects. An independent examination can help confirm the words. But it is important to remember that it is worth the money.

Think about whether you are ready to invest in the evaluation and pre-sale preparation of the machine, as well as your time in placing an advertisement and communicating with potential buyers? If so, calculate in advance how much such activities will cost.

How to sell a broken car not on the move: For disassembly or spare parts?

There are two ways to sell a beat-up car not on the move: send it for disassembly or spare parts. These options are applicable if the vehicle after the accident has become little like the previous car, it is not possible to repair it, or it is cheaper to buy a new car than to restore the previous one. Experts are sure: that there is no need to leave such a car in the country as a relic – sell it and get at least some money.

Here’s what to do when the car is suitable for disassembly, and when for spare parts:

  • For disassembly. An option for those whose car is in critical condition. That is, there are no surviving components. But you can get at least a small amount.
  • For spare parts. Some components and parts remained intact in the accident. They can be sold for use in repairing other vehicles.

You can disassemble the car yourself and sell the parts. But there is no guarantee that everything will be sold. A quick and convenient way to sell a broken-down car is to give it to the same company for spare parts. At the moment, there are many specialized companies, such as the already mentioned JunkCarsUS, ready to pick up a car that is not in motion within a few hours of your call.

What affects the price of a car?

The origin of the car has a significant influence on the price – in the range of 10-30%. If a car with low mileage, is without accidents, and with a proven history, its price can be increased by up to 30%.

The engine is also important – copies with the most recommended units can cost 15% more than with engines that (due to malfunctions, fuel consumption, or poor dynamics) should be avoided.

Choose the right time to sell

Harsh winter or holidays are not the best time to sell a used car. Seasonality also applies to specific types of cars: interest in convertibles and sports cars increases in the spring.

Where can you sell a broken car if it is not running and no one needs it? How to get rid of a car after a serious accident as quickly and carefree as possible? In order not to waste time and effort on disassembling cars, advertising, and showings, you can contact a specialized company. It is less profitable (though not always), but simple and fast. Especially when independent sales failed.

A specialized company already has all the infrastructure to work with your car: appraisers, tow trucks, lawyers. By contacting such a company, you can get rid of your emergency car by the end of the day.