When will your business make money?

Tired of working hard on your business for little financial return? Find out why you need to address the three profit areas, and how our Profit Kit will help.

As much as you may love your business, you’re not solely in it for the passion; at some point (preferably soon) you need to make money.

And yet, very few businesses do. And many more don’t make as much money as they should. That’s why the failure rate of small businesses is so tragically high (20% of businesses go under in their first year, and 50% of all small businesses fail in the first couple of years).

Why is this? Over the past five years we’ve learned many money lessons as we’ve grown our own profitable business. And we’ve watched hundreds of businesses experience their own profit successes and failures.

As a result, we’ve realised that there are three key areas every business (and freelancer) needs to get right in order to make a profit.

The three profit areas you need to look at

So , if you want your business to be financially successful, these are the three key areas you need to focus on:

  • Mindset – in order for your business to make a profit, YOU need to believe that you can, and deserve to, be financially successful.
  • Pricing – you need to stop undercharging, and ensure your prices attract the right customers and ensure you make a profit with every sale.
  • System – you need to stop letting profit trickle through your fingers because you haven’t set the right systems in place in your business.

How our Profit Kit helps you make money

We see too many businesses fail to earn the money they deserve because they’re not adequately addressing one, or even all, of these three profit areas. And we wanted to do something to help small business owners and freelancers.

So we created the Profit Kit, an online course that tackles each of the three profit areas. Here’s how we help your business make money:

  • Profit Mindset – we show you how to identify and eliminate any limiting financial beliefs and replace them with a Profit Mindset.
  • Profit Pricing – we teach you how to price your products or services for profit (and attract MORE business), and charge (and get) your worth.
  • Profit System – we guide you through setting up a Profit System to keep money coming into your business (and staying there).

What’s inside the Profit Kit?

The Profit Kit takes you through a programme of videos, lessons, exercise and workbooks. Here’s what you’ll cover in each module.

1) Profit Mindset

  • Video: What is a profit mindset?
  • Lesson: Are you Upper Limiting your earning potential?
  • Lesson: How to work in your Zone of Genius
  • Exercise: What’s your money story?
  • Exercise: Are you a B Girl?
  • Worksheet: Set your profit goals

2) Profit Pricing

  • Video: What is pricing for profit?
  • Video: The gardener’s rainy January lesson and the psychology of pricing
  • Workbook: How will your business make money?
  • Workbook: How to price your products and services
  • Workbook: How to work out your freelance rate
  • Workbook: How to charge what you’re worth
  • Lesson: How to raise your freelance or business rates
  • Video: What is a product pyramid?
  • Worksheet: Build your product pyramid

3) Profit System

  • Video: The 10 elements to your Profit System
  • Exercise: Are you wasting your most valuable business asset?
  • Workbook: Plan your credit control strategy
  • Workbook: How to handle non-payers

Are you ready to make money?

Imagine what it feels like to have money streaming into your business. To know that every sale you make equals more profit. To run a business you genuinely love, and be able afford to pay yourself the salary you want.

Imagine never having to worry about having enough money to afford the things you want to do. Dinner in your favourite restaurant… a weekend away with your partner or girlfriends… the bag you’ve been coveting…

If your business isn’t currently making the money you want or deserve, stop wasting more time struggling. Buy our Profit Kit now and get the right mindset, pricing and systems you need to be financially successful.

Buy the Profit Kit now and start turning around your business fortunes