When will the right person come along?

Worried that the right person might never come along? Find out what you can do to make positive changes in your love life.

Maybe you’ve had some troubles with one or more relationships. Perhaps you’ve not been in any relationship since your last one long ago. Someone has probably told you the right person will come along. Maybe a friend, family member, acquaintance, etc. 

Chances are you might have even heard that phrase one or more times. 

Maybe it’s even starting to annoy you now. Will the right person ever come along? Really? Why is it taking them so long to show up? Perhaps you want to give up on love now? Well, this post explains how you might have been getting it all wrong all along. 

This is not dating advice!

This is where most people tend to get it wrong. 

This phrase about the right person eventually coming along is far from being a piece of advice to anyone. Rather it’s more like a reassurance to people that love is still possible again. 

That statement is not based on fact or knowledge but rather to help people reduce their worries, fears, or doubts, about love and relationships. So, don’t get it twisted because that can actually lead to you making a mistake. You are not going to sit around doing ‘nothing’, patiently waiting for the right person to show up. This is because sometimes, they are not just going to show up on your lap like that. In some instances, you just have to go get ‘em!

It’s not like they’ll just show up magically

People also say that “you will find love when you are not looking” but I think oftentimes, that could be wrong. Compare this with someone seeking employment. How many people have gotten jobs when they are not looking? Not many you say? Correct!

While love might happen sometimes when you’re not looking, it’s not a surefire strategy that’s bound to work at all times. 

But I get the meaning behind this. 

It’s more for people to avoid desperation when looking for the love of their life. 

While I 100% agree that you shouldn’t be desperate, don’t use this to justify your fears of actually going out and putting in some efforts to meet someone. Don’t be afraid to put in some work. While you might be lucky to find love when you least expect it.

Sometimes, things might take a different turn. Try to put in a little effort. Go out to where people like similar things to what you like. Start looking up from your phone. Do something. The right person might show up sooner than you’d imagine. 

Make yourself the right person for someone

While you’re waiting for the right person to show up, it’s important they also meet you as the right person for them when that meeting eventually materializes.

Before you meet that love of your life though, you have to be in the right space for your kind of right person. Thing is, you have to work on yourself. 

You have to feel good about yourself. 

You need to be able to like yourself and your life. 

Your happiness, positivity, and self-confidence should be at very good levels. If not, you’re unknowingly reducing your chances of meeting/being with your right person. 

Visit a therapist if you often feel depressed. Get a trainer if you want to exercise more. Locate a nutritionist if you want to improve your eating habits. Have you got the picture yet? Train and improve yourself to the level where you become the person you’d want to meet. 

Sometimes, it’s just not your fault!

You might be doing everything right and it seems like you finally found someone that ticks almost all of your boxes but one or two things are creating a bottleneck in the relationship/situation-ship and it doesn’t appear like it’s heading anywhere meaningful. 

Maybe you’ve met the right person at the wrong time. 

But don’t waste away your time pining for someone who is either not available or uninterested in you.

There are many signs to know if you met the right person at the wrong time

But then, you don’t have to let this hold you back from finding your love. Love is meant for you. It will eventually find you. But you don’t have to give up. And maybe you have to find it too. You just might need to go through some dating process to reach your destination. 

Once you’re optimistic and truly convinced that your love is really out there (because it truly is), the whole “waiting” for the right person thing will become less frustrating and more fun. You know it’s just a phase, and you will find that right person soon enough.